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“It feels like… I am sacrificing my Mental Safety and Peace of Mind for the Ethics of Open Mindedness and non-judgmental. It is the 12th Ethic vs. My Mental Safety. This is Self-Preservation vs. My Ethics.” – Anna Imagination


I am putting my 40 years of Domesticated Slavery to Practical Use…

Triadic Healing For Women : Navigating Man’s Rape Culture

I am launching this course today for “B” and “C” Women and for Aspiring “C”Men where we talk on Education on “A” Man’s Rape Culture, how to protect yourself safely, what “C” Men can do to help Nurture the “C” Woman’s Independence and Preserve their Power of Choice.

We talk on Consent. The Power Economics and Physics behind Consent and how to “coral” and “cull” White Man’s Rape Culture away from you.

THIS IS NOT A “GENDER WAR” SPACE! This is a “Solutions, Education, and Training Course for Women to learn, become Empowered, and heal and is where Aspiring “C” Men are invited to step into the Women’s Culture and Reality to learn how to become a better Human Being.

Nutritional Knowledge for Solution Living

A Women = Too obedient and submissive to know they are enslaved and are “happy” about it. Their Enslavement defines them.

B Women = They KNOW they are Enslaved and are too entrenched in the Invisible Slavery to be Validated or Heard by White Men

C Women = Freed “B” Women who still have “Slave Mind” and/or who have Extracted themselves from the Slave Culture they were raised in.

D Women = RARE. The Women who are born free. (I have known only 3 in my entire life)

A Men = The Men who expect all women to be “A” Women. Many of whom are so Uneducated that they don’t even know what “Consent” means on any level.

B Men = Passive Men who are Consciously Aware of the Culture of Women, but who do little to nothing to help. They passively stand aside and just give women “wide berth.” Most B Men want to know more, but are clueless about where to begin.

C Men = RARE. The Man who Nurtures the Independence and Freedom of Women and who works with her to preserve her Power of Choice (And his own).

The Dating Pool = The Slave Market

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