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The Mindset

I have been thinking a lot on The Hierarchy, The 6th Ethic (Equal Footing), and The Master vs. The Apprentice. My first love has always been Truth and Education. I would NEVER… NEVER argue with ANYONE with more knowledge than I. For me, I would never insult, disrespect, or squander such a privilege than to learn from a Master.

I recall how Strict, but Kind and firm my Masters were. Now I know why.

The Healing Garden and PANDO is, first and foremost, a Philosopher’s University.

A Healing and Nourishment Center second.

A World-Changing Innovative Philanthropist Third.

Many people come, wanting the Philanthropist space, but graduation from the Philosopher’s University is required first.

I’ve spent much time thinking on how best to address “Adults,” which implies that “age” is somehow relevant to treatment. I call this prejudice “Age-ism,” and I loathe it.

But the Student : Master relationship… I revered my Masters. I loathed my Teachers. My Masters taught me how to assess teachers to determine their quality. But the “Authority” of “Adult” loomed over the Learning Environment.

I consulted my advisors (of which I have a team. I make no decision alone). And I pondered.

Being treated like an Adult and being treated like you’re Mature are two entirely different things. Age does not entitle anyone to anything. Maturity entitles you to everything. Ethical IQ earns you exactly what you get, including respect.

Knowledge is synonymous with Ethics.



The Standard must be set. Without the defined standard, Quality immediately tanks and the bar is lowered. We never sacrifice the Quality. No matter what. A Brand, a “Quality of Life,” all of it, is all about Quality.

The Philosopher’s first agenda is to secure Quality assurance. Without this conversation, this will not be completed. Parents, Teachers, and Philosophers. If you do not set and define the Quality, then you and your Students will never rise above because you will be condemned to “Unaware.”

You are poor because you never defined the standard to raise the bar.

This is the Invisible Catalyst of Poverty.

Focus (Priority)

Focus is key. And it is a Math and Logic Discipline to address Focus. Focus is fueled only by what we love and desire. If you are doing something you don’t want to do, you will not be allowed to focus on it… so says Mother Nature. She gave you your desire to drive your Dream for her agenda. And she rewards you with feel good feelings…

Learn to Learn + Logic

We Instinctively Learn. But we are not born knowing HOW to learn. These are NOT the same thing. You have to be TAUGHT how to be a Student. This is the worst lesson never taught in schools. Students MUST be taught how to be a Student. At 12 Years old, students under Plato received this lesson. At 15, I received this lesson for 1 year. It was grueling. At 18, another Master I had taught it again.

Your Students must be taught How to be a Student to Optimize Learning.

  • Quality
  • Observe and Listen
  • Socratic Method
  • Logic, Formal Argument and Debate

DIY and Self-Teaching

DIY and Self-Teaching are Driven by Desire, Agenda, Priority, and Quality. It is the Adoption of this Mindset with your own Quality Control. to ensure that you are Self-Sufficient and Operational.

Breaking Your Own Delusion

Unfortunately, this is a Course I am going to have to include for today’s students. You are going to “Sort out” and “Weed through” all the Logical Fallacy you were given. This is called “The Undoing.”

Objective viewing / Listening is mandatory for Assessing the Psychological Thumbprint.

There are four Psychological Thumbprints in the world.

The Uneducated

  • Uneducated
  • Clueless & Indifferent
  • No Motivation
  • “Nothing we can do about it”
  • They parrot
  • No Logic
  • Fear
  • Prejudice
  • Non-Hostile
  • Impoverished
  • Mentally Ill
  • Almost never argues or speaks
  • Unaware of the 12 Ethics

The Abuser / Narcissist (The Roman Empire / Christianity)

  • Poses as Educated
  • Wears Masks
  • Actions contradict Words
  • Talks Too Much
  • Weaponizes Education
  • Weaponizes Words
  • Weaponizes Confusion
  • Weaponizes Fear
  • Weaponizes Argument
  • Weaponizes Communication
  • Demands no Challenger
  • Salesman
  • Monopolizes “The Upper Hand”
  • Enables/Disables
  • “Saves” and “Helps”
  • “Feeds you A Fish” so you always come back needing more
  • Weaponizes Story/Marketing to Make People Afraid of their Resources
  • Puppet Master / Magician
  • Urgent / High Pressure
  • Argues with Hostility and Aggression
  • Violates the 12 Ethics on purpose (2nd and 6th Ethic)

The Victim / Values Truth, but Trapped In The Delusion

The Victim is a cross between the Uneducated and The Victim. The Victim also has attributes of “The Abuser”

  • Uneducated
  • Confused
  • Afraid
  • Hears Voices
  • Often Needs Saving/Disabled
  • Actively seeks Truth
  • Questions and Challenges / Doesn’t Back Down
  • Mentally Ill
  • Impoverished
  • Frustrated
  • No Emotional Discipline
  • Argues desperate to end Confusion or doesn’t ever argue
  • Is unaware of the 12 Ethics

Truth / Mother Nature / Logic, Math, Physics

This person is usually a Scientist or Philosopher.

  • Educated
  • Solid
  • Confident
  • Wealthy
  • Stable
  • Ethical Leader
  • Empowers Others
  • Clarity
  • Focus on Progress and Evolution
  • No “Drama”
  • Emotional Discipline
  • Education
  • Logic, Math, Physics / Science
  • Patient and Slow to Ponder with Strategy
  • Formal Argument and Debate without Emotion
  • Upholds the 12 Ethics


Break The Delusion

  1. Learn How To Learn
  2. 4 Thumbprints
  3. Break The Delusion
  4. Intuitive Integration vs Consciousness Awareness
  5. Doing it and Practicing the Practical
  6. Hiding “Leo and The Matrix”

Respect –


Power of choice –

motivation – direction /

How to steer –

Resource Provider –




art – story health – individual – intuitive science / intuitive conmmunication conceptuali – simple /

communication  – 7 – 12 / transaltion materialization – pie / taxonomy / etymology /


science – 12 – 15 materialiazioton


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What Will You Learn?

  • How To Learn
  • How the Subconscious Minds Grows
  • What Happens to The Subconscious Mind when Learning is Obstructed
  • Memorization vs. Learning

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