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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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I Reverse Engineered the 12 Ethics Trail from DaVinci, to Vetruvius, to Pythagoras in 2024. 

That is when I read this: 

“He may have also devised the doctrine of musica universalis, which holds that the planets move according to mathematical equations and thus resonate to produce an inaudible symphony of music.” – Wikipedia

Pythagoras is correct. 100%. And Plato, very much built his Curriculum off of this concept. 

The Circle of Fifths and Music Theory was invented by Pythagoras. 

Philosophy and Mathematics were both the work of his Nomenclature, which I find… annoying. Mathematics is just “Shorthand For Logic” and Philosophy should have been called “Vitalogy.”

Pythagoras worked very closely with Egypt and Arabia’s Educational System, which brings up the question of the Word, “Philosophy.” 

Which changes the meaning of the Word “Philosophy to “Pure Wisdom” and it very much is.

“Wisdom Love” is also another Translation that I find highly credible as the 12 Ethics very much do unlock Wisdom Love on all three Tiers.

Pythagoras led me to Plato, 427 – 348 BC.


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