The Prometheus Game : “Who Gets The Fire?”

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I am prepared for this.

Over the last two years, I have received praise from both My People (Patrons and People like You) and Professionals (Honorable Authorities).

I knew this would not last for long.

Power is like Fire (Actually, it is not… But Abusers will have you THINK it is).

Power is both an Abstract Concept (Fire) and a Physics Concept (Very Real Energy with Very Real Physics).

Abusers paint the Delusion that Power is like “Fire” that can be given, taken, stolen, and hoarded… Like Prometheus stealing “Fire” from The Gods. This is not true.

Physics doesn’t work that way.

Physics says no.

So I use Physics to prove to Victims (People who Suffer) that Physics does not do what Abusers says it does. Because Abuser Paint Delusion with Magic Tricks.

I knew, as soon as Abusers started to realize that I was Breaking this Delusion, that they would attack me. Because that is what Narcissists do. They attack people who threaten their Power and “take their fire.”

All I do is Empower The People by given their Power of Choice and Self-Authority back to them through Education and training. And, sure enough, someone in Authority attacked me.

I am prepared.

Real Power is in Choice.

I chose to turn this and all of my Abusers into a Teacher so I can learn how Abuser’s think and move (more than I have) and then, use them as an example to teach YOU so you can see how Abuser’s think and move and act.

As these Abusers and Narcissists come at me in protest for “Stealing The Fire” of the Gods, I will be posting the Bag of Tricks here so you can recognize the Bag of Tricks and disarm your own Abusers.

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