Disciplining Your Story Narrative

This is… a much neglected concept.

Story Narrative exists in three Tenses only:

“The Self” Story Narrative (1st Person POV)

“Another” Story Narrative (3rd Person POV)

“Neutral” Story Narrative (Omniscient POV)


Narcissists and/or people with Possession only and/or often talk, think, and listen in “Another” Story Narrative.

Happy Healthy People are Conscious about when they talk, think, and/or listen in “The Self” Story Narrative and “Neutral” Story Narrative. Knowing which is which is vital to eliminating Possession from you, moving closer to Love, and also keeping yourself “In your own Story.”

People who Project or Internalize (Often referred to as “Empaths”), are actually experiencing undisciplined Story Projection where they are unintentionally “hi-jacking” a Story Narrative from another.

“Story Stepping” is another phrase I used to describe and teach this skill.

When combined with Strategic Point of View Hopping and Happy Healthy “Ethical Leader” Language, Disciplined Narrative becomes a POWERFUL Mental Discipline that expedites Healing Journeys and Pilgrimages.