Ethical Integration “Wedding” Vows for True Love

There is only “The Giver” and “The Receiver” for the HonorBound Vows is a Gift Exchange.

Power of Choice is Consent to Receive.

Self-Preservation extended to the Other to include them in your Self-Preservation.

To Honor and Preserve the Absolute Freedom of the Other to Forever Preserve and Protect their Consent.

A Peace Offering, Vulnerability, gifted by The Giver to achieve Equal Footing

for this is the only way that Consent can be mutually gifted.

Now The Giver and The Receiver stand naked on Level Ground, equal in Power. Equal in Vulnerability.

Freedom of choice is preserved to ensure the Thriving Spirit of the Other.

Self-Preservation is Gifted to Honor Bound the Speaker to their Manifestation. And sealed by the Force of Love, the Universe will hold the Speaker Honor Bound. This is Integrated Love only achieved through the Study of Wisdom Love (Philosophy).

(I have to add here that the Author is Scottish and they know their Vows).

Connection is the Love Force that Ethically Binds The Giver to The Receiver with Honor.


“Your preservation is my Self-Preservation.

I stand naked before you, vulnerable, whole, and without a mask. I stand before you with your consent to receive me on equal footing. I see you. I know you. And still I accept you. This is my Ethic. This is my Law. This I Promise that I am honor bound to you:
I promise that I will serve and protect (preserve) your mind, body, and energy. I promise that I will serve and protect (preserve) myself in mind, body, and energy for I am Connected to you in mind, body, and energy.
I promise that I will serve and protect (preserve) your 100% absolute Freedom. I promise that I will serve and protect (preserve) my 100% absolute Freedom for I am Connected to you with 100% absolute Freedom.
This is my gift to you. I give it to you freely and with knowing. I am honor bound to you. In receiving this gift, you are entered into no contract, responsibilities, or obligations that are not of your choosing because this is a gift. And I give it freely.”
In speaking their words with intent from a place of Pure Love only then will the Manifestation work.
Can you do it?
Better yet, can you even gift the words to yourself?
No ring is required. In fact, I strongly advise against it because rituals cause people to forget the purpose behind the words. Naked. The vows must be given first in Silence between the Self and the Universe. Then next, the Vows must be given Naked (Recommended) and Together in Private. Then, if it is chosen, The Vows can be given in Public (Naked if the Giver and Receiver so Choose).
This vow must be spoken in silence between the Giver and the Universe, to never be spoken or confessed to the Receiver until and unless, the Receiver proposes the vow to be mutually and/or publicly gifted.
The reason for this is because there is no way to propose marriage with full consent if the person feels no pressure to give consent. One must ask, “Did you just go along with me because…?” To prevent this from happening, try The Healing Garden HonorBound Game.
Get a card with an envelop and put it on the fridge.
Whenever it is that you (The Giver) first decide to give the HonorBound Vow in silence to the Receiver, go to the card and write your name down, or better yet, write them a letter or a marriage proposal. You are now The Giver.
Say nothing. Say the Vow silently in your head all you want, but not a word out loud. Not a single hint. Any violation of this game is a violation of the HonorBound Vow, and thus you do not Love the Receiver with Integrated Love for you have broken your Vow to serve and protect (preserve) with your gift of Mutual Preservation, and only those with Integrated Love would be Honor Bound.
When the Receiver approaches you (The Giver) with the card, only then will you know that, the Receiver also was speaking the Silent Vow, and when the Receiver had gone to write their name down in the card, they found The Giver’s name there already.
And so the Receiver knew they could propose that the HonorBound Vow be mutually and/or publicly gifted, but also, The Giver knows that the Receiver was finally ready to Receive.
This is Self-Preservation of the one you love. The first testament (test) of True Love.
When marriage is proposed, The Giver must make the proposal kneeling for it is The Giver’s Power that the Giver surrenders in order to receive and embrace Vulnerability. The Receiver who is worthy only accepts the proposal after they too have joined The Giver kneeling on Equal Footing, eye-to-eye in Power. Only then can the Receiver of the Proposal Accept with full Consent.
The HonorBound Proposal can be given either when the Card is presented by the Giver to go on the fridge or after the Receiver approaches the Giver.