Love Gives Us Courage To Heal

One of my favorite play on words came from The Walking Dead.

God is Love. So let’s change this around…

“We’ve been praying for [Love] to save us. But [Love] has saved us. [Love] has given us the Courage to save our Selves.” – Gabriel The Walking Dead. Season 6 : Episode 9 “No Way Out”

Love heals. This is something I am absolutely adamant about. Love heals. Love cures. Love, True Love, does grant us the Courage to overcome Fear. For there is nothing that gives us more reason or motivation to overcome, fight, win, and accomplish than Love.

I truly believe in Love. It’s not something that is seen very much today, but I have seen what Love can do when it siphoned for Healing. Nothing, but Love can heal more, do more, recover more.

For this reason, I am offer my Triadic Healing Love Heals Series. A course that literally walks people through what love looks like. What it feels like. How to tell when you are experiencing Love or Possession. And how you can use Love to Heal.

So much out there talks on Love, but… I don’t know about you, but it took me 2 failed marriages, 3 children, and 42 years of my life in pursuit of something that I had no idea what it looked like. Love.