Triadic Healing for Ethical Parenting (0 – 2 Years Old)


“Children DO come with Instruction Books. We were just never taught where to find it.”

Raise your children as Mother Nature intended, with the 12 Ethics of Perspective Growth. Align your Parenting with your Child’s Needs and their Natural Learning, growth, Behavior, and Development. Stop “Guessing” on how to raise your child. Mother Nature has it all taken care of.

Your job is to step back and Preserve what Mother Nature is already doing.


If you are currently pregnant and are Expecting, or if you have children under 2 Years Old and you proudly Identify as “A Rebel Parent,” then you are in the right place. If you are already a Rebel Parent or are looking for new ways to rebel, then Triadic Healing is for you.

This innovative material does not exist anywhere else.

Anna Imagination, Mother of 3, introduces Triadic Healing for Ethical Parenting.

In 2002, Anna knew her upbringing was the perfect “How *not* to raise your child,” which left her asking, “How do you raise your child?” Determined to be the best for her children, Anna dedicated the next 20 years of her life to answering this question.

Now, armed with 30+ Years in Ontological Physics, Philosophy, Logic, Math, and her own parenting experience (Girl 21, Boy 20, and Girl 16), Anna has brought together the same Triadic Healing she used on herself to resolve 5 “Incurable” Mental Illnesses and “Come back from Insanity” and has condensed it into an Ethical Parenting Course: the First and Only of its kind.

Anna was born in 1980. She survived ’80’s Parenting. Gen X and Millennials walked away from that era knowing every way not to raise a child.

Now it’s time to learn The Right Way. Mother Nature’s way. The Ethical Way.



These classes are hosted on Zoom. Times and Dates TBD. There will be two classes per week. If you cannot attend the classes, then you will receive a link for the Zoom account.

  • 14 May 2024 11:00 AM EST is when the next round of classes begins. Recorded Live.
  • 14 June 2024 11:00 AM EST is when the next round of classes begins. Pre-Recorded.

All classes are scheduled for 11:00 AM EST.

Course Students are offered a Live Group Q&A with Anna, which will allow you to ask any follow up questions you may have for her.

Course Outline

“Girls are not different than boys. That is Society conditioning the Gender Prejudice into your Subconscious Mind’s RAS. And if you think that “Girls are different than boys,” then you can guarantee that that thinking is very much influencing the way you parent your children and it is most definitely hurting them. It’s time to seriously rethink everything we were taught.” – Anna Imagination

Triadic Healing Ethical Parenting For Ethical Leaders Courses.

  1. Circle of Trust
  2. Your Child’s Personal Law and Personal Order
  3. Preserving Your Child’s “Permissions” 
  4. Power of Choice and Equal Footing
  5. Discernment
  6. The 12 Ethics and your child
  7. How your child learns 
  8. Your Child’s Identity. Your Child’s Subconscious Mind.
  9. The Role of Parents
  10. Mother Nature : The True Parent Here
  11. The Role of the Child “Your Child has a job to do. To find themselves. Your job is to stay out of their way without Neglecting them so that Mother Nature can do her job.”
  12. The Integrated “Parent”
  13. How to stop “soothing” your child and permit them to Self-Regulate instead
  14. Compassion without Soothing and Comfort
  15. Enabling vs. Nurturing : Become a Bad Ass Parent
  16. Abuse Proof Your Child

About Anna Imagination

Anna is not a Licensed Psychologist, and her credentials surpass A doctor in Psychiatry with a Major in Ontological Physics. Ontology is the Study and Logic of Reality. It is a branch of Metaphysics.

The Logical Progression of Study is Philosophy > Existentialism > Metaphysics > Ontology

She is a true, modern day Rennaissance Man with a Mastery in Interdisciplinary Studies including Writing, Music, Communication, Learning, Education, Teaching, Theater & Stage, Philosophy, Logic, Oral Speech, History, Sociology, Economics, Business, Psychology, Perspective Sciences, Ontological Physics, Parenting, and Story Telling. She is a Subconscious Mind Whisperer.

Anna is eccentric and lives in The Abstract. Anna is a Pirate. Anna swears. She doesn’t hold back, nor does she try to. 

Anna is a hard core, “Tell it like it is” New Yorker. She lives in Brooklyn. She does not wear masks. She exists only in Truth. Her Logical Core does not allow her to live any other way. She will not compromise the Truth to enable anyone’s insecurity that results from undisciplined Self-Regulation. Anna is not for people who can’t hear the Truth. If you have a questionable relationship with Responsibility and/or The Truth, and you have neglected to do the work required to change that, Anna may not be for you.

Truth is hereby defined as Logical Comprehension in balanced Equilibrium relative to The Universe (AKA Math)

If being Honest with Yourself makes you uncomfortable, reconsider.