The Freedom of Celibacy

At the core heart of most women lies a secret that all of us know and none of us speak. We are not free to be Celibate.

I lived for 20 years married and, in that time, not once was I allowed to be Celibate. In some cases, I was expected to have sex after C-Section Surgery, Rape, Forced Abortion, and Miscarriage.

“No,” was not an option. Women know this. My Ex-husband’s therapist had to tell him that I was allowed to choose Celibacy. My body did not belong to me, not since my brother started “Policing” me for Sexual Activity that he didn’t authorize. I was 15.

Ask any woman and they will tell you. Yes. Raped? It doesn’t matter. If they husband wants, you put out or he’ll cheat on you. You’re on a Spiritual Journey? Too bad. You have a Marital Obligation to uphold.

The truth is, Celibacy is a Sexual Preference that is so strongly banned from People’s Lives, it isn’t even acknowledged in our culture as an Option as a Sexual Preference. Something that is only “allowed” by Priests and Nuns. The second best options is to become a Lesbian (If you’re allowed. I was not). “Doesn’t matter how you identify, so long as you understand that you are expected to put out.”

Men laughed at me, “No, you’re not,” as early as 2022. They lived in New York City.

“So what if you were raped 3 months ago,” is what women are told. “Deal with it.”

And Women do. When a Woman (or anyone really) goes through a Pilgrimage or Healing Journey, Celibacy is craved, wanted, and starved for.

But also, there is an “Addiction to Sexual Servitude” that occurs in a Person’s Mind as they recover from Narcissism and/or Slave Mind.

Giving this Freedom to your Spouse or Partner is a gift, I cannot explain to you, that will make many people fall to their knees in tears. You will see just how “Free” they haven’t been living in their minds.

Had someone given or said this to me, I would have burst into tears on the spot and sobbed, “Thank you.”


I call this “Operation : Free Your Spouse. If you Love them, Gift them with Freedom.”


Believe me… so many of them need this. Freedom is Love. Love is Freedom.