The Healing Garden Pilgrimage

Like nothing you have ever seen before.

The Healing Garden Pilgrimage

This is the Pilgrimage that the Knight’s of King Arthur’s Court, The Buddha, and Jesus did. When Anna Imagination went through hers, she Reverse Engineered it and used Logic, Math, and Physics to shed light on The Pilgrim’s Path.


12 Ethics, 3 Times. This Pilgrimage is not for the feint of heart, but it gets the job done.


Triadic Healing is The Healing Garden’s Pilgrimage.

Complete Triadic Healing : Deconstruct and Process is where The Healing Journey is (This is Free to All who seek it)

Pilgrims are invited to Journey Into The Self with Membership.

The Game is available for those who want to “Play” their way through the Pilgrimage. (Who said a Pilgrimage had to be so serious?)

Continue with Triadic Healing Part #1 and you Build and Fortify The Self. This prepares you for Triadic Healing Part #2.

Anna’s Playground becomes Available for those within The Pilgrimage.


Triadic Healing Part #2 Introduces you to Pando and teaches you how to Connect to the Pando.

Triadic Healing Part #3 is for the Business Owner and Entrepreneur who seeks to conduct Ethical Business in an Unethical World.


Are you a Lightworker who wants to aid others in their Healing? We offer The Healing Garden Franchise.


Triadic Healing part #4 opens the door to The Philosopher Pilgrim and is where Anna steps out from behind the Courses to talk in Masterclasses with Pilgrims.


The Philosopher’s Club is available in Anna’s Playground. Alumni of The Healing Garden Pilgrimage also receive exclusive invitation available for Diamond Members only.


Anna Imagination and The Healing Garden does not belong to any Spiritual or Religious Denomination or Political Party.

Logic and Education, Knowledge, Mother Nature, Math, Physics, and Ethical Law and Natural Order are the Authorities that Anna Imagination answers to.