11 June 2024 – The Healing Garden Newsletter

Hello, my beautiful people! What a wonderful day! The Garden did a lot of growing today! 

So much wonderful progress! 
To condense on time for me, and also to save you on time, and to provide you with the most resources, I have decided to combine my Newsletters! That way you all can enjoy the benefits of the others articles without having to subscribe to each and every one! And sometimes, the article topics overlap! 
So here things are! 

What if I told you that all of Psychology can be condensed into 12 steps?

What if I told you that Psychology is just Physics?

What if I told you that Humans who don’t understand something tend to over complicate it, which is why Newton and Einstein both said

“In Simplicity there is truth.”

Let’s start with this:

The 12 Ethics Email Challenge

When The Ethics Are Learned Out Of Order… Fuck Humble

Power Economics and Build-A-Business
The User’s Manual For The Subconscious Mind: Problem Prevention and Abuse Proof You
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May the Kindest of Words always find you,

Warmest wishes,

Anna Imagination

The Healing Garden

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