12 June 2024 – The Healing Garden Digest

Hello, my beautiful Sunshine people!


Ethical People Power!

Can you feel it?
Can you feel the Energy shift in the world?
Things are changing.
The tides are turning.

The Winds of Change are at hand.

The Beacon is lit.
The Mother is calling.
Radical Collaboration is at hand.
The Healing has begun.

We call to the Tempest-Tossed
to rise up once again.
Love, Logic, and Truth are in us all
and it’s calling.

Come to the Garden.
Connect your Dream to ours.
We were built to Fuel your Dreams.
We were built to Nourish you.

Drink from our ladle of Nutritional Knowledge.
Digest the nourishment of Life.

The Mother is calling.
It’s time to connect.

Learn more about The Radical Global Healing Plan and The Healing Engine.

DM me to ask how to upgrade your Business to Mother Nature’s Business Model. DM me to ask how to Unite.

We are looking for those who are dedicated to Honest, Transparent, Legal, and Ethical Business Practices.

We are gathering together Ethical Leaders for Radical Collaboration to join together in DIY Healing, DIY Education to come together to Save ourselves and heal the world.

In light of that Mission, here is today’s Digest.
The 12 Ethics Email Challenge
Power Economics and Build-A-Business

Mental Illness Is Caused By Unethical Business Practices And Businesses Are Taking A Massive Financial Hit

The User’s Manual For The Subconscious Mind: Problem Prevention and Abuse Proof You
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May the Kindest of Words always find you,

Warmest wishes,

Anna Imagination

The Healing Garden

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