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Good morning my people!

We are in the #Courage Challenge of the #12EthicsEmailChallenge ! And today we are talking about… How #Fear of the Unknown is really Fear of the Self (Fear of Who you are before, during, and after a Trial)

When we are born, we all begin the vast undertaking of “Discovering Who You Are?”

For the most part, many of us do not get an education on this subject. A few of us stumble onto this question early. The majority of people wander through life not even knowing who they are or that they even are a Self.

This is called #ConsciousLiving or Conscious Awareness.

Fear, all Fear, can be boiled down to one Truth: Fear of the Unknown. And that Fear can be broken down further to the real issue: Fear of the Unknown Self.

When we are presented with a problem, we do not know if we will succeed. We do not know if we will fail. But mostly, we do not know what this Trial, problem, or challenge will reveal about our Self.

Who are we if we were to lose our home?

Who are we if we are to lose our Love?

Who are we as a Student?

Who are we in the face of danger?

Who are we in the face of conflict?

Who are we under trial?

Will we win? Will we fight? Will we successfully defend ourselves and prove to ourselves that Self-Preservation is in working order? How will this challenge change us? Who will we become? How will we change? Will we discover something about ourselves that we don’t love, like, or enjoy? Will those we chose to surround us still love us and accept us?

For many people, it is safest to just not try, not change, not “find out” who we are in the face of challenge. A surplus of too many variables leads us to a life of hanging onto the Known Self and never leaving our Comfort Zone.

This leads to a deadly trap of a wasted life without challenge.

The thing is, #Love and Fear are never stagnant. Either one grows as it is nurtured, or neglect of one nurtures the other. Whether you are aware of this or not, you have made the choice. This is why awareness is so vital to your happiness, success, and life.

Being unaware of this choice and submitting to preserve the Self as it is without challenge or change, nurtures Fear of Change, nurtures Fear of The Unknown Self. The more you Nurture the Unknown Self, the more Fear grows. The more Love diminishes.

Courage changes all of this.

You are with yourself the moment you are born. You are the first person you have even before you are born. There is an entire dialogue happening inside of you that you are either part of or you are not.

Your Subconscious Mind, your Identity, your Intuition, your Self-Preservation and Defense System, your Logic System, Your Story Self… Is your Conscious Awareness part of this discussion or are you listening in and just ignoring the thoughts in your head? How “plugged in” are you in yourself? How much are you paying attention?

Fear grows when a person is absent from these internal conversations. Because all Fear is just a Fear of the Unknown Self.

Big questions that aren’t being asked include:

Can I succeed at Saving Myself?

Can I fix my own Problems and overcome my own Obstacles?

Can I be honest with myself about my real problems in life?

Can I protect myself from my own Fear System?

These are Life Skills that can be learned and taught and Mastered with Practiced Consciousness.

And it all begins with Courage.

Music and Courage go hand in hand like nothing else in the world.

Courage to #Dance, Courage to #Sing, Courage to Act, Courage to Talk, Courage to Voice your own Opinion, Courage to Play a musical instrument.

#Philosophers use Music, Song, and Dance to nurture Courage because it safely brings you closer to your Self, it defines your Intuition, it nurtures your Imagination and Creativity, and it Opens your Mind to Possibility. Above all else, it teaches you Courage to show others who you are. It is the easiest, safest battle between Love and Fear that a person can take on and run with.

Public Speaking, Theater and Stage, Performance, Public Dancing, and Movement of the Body, Karaoke, Art… The Courage to make mistakes visibly for all to see. The Courage to be evaluated publicly.


“I am a Master at Courage and have got this one DOWN! Can I move on to the Second Ethic?


Yes! The Second Ethic is “Self-Authority.” The Ethic of putting your Self at the Center of your Universe. Before you think that this means “walking all over people to get ahead, it does not.” It is about Self-Preservation of The Self, Equal to Others WITHOUT sacrificing The Self. It ultimately means, “Minding your own business” while consciously respecting the business of others.

If you think you’re a pro at Courage, let’s test this out… Have you considered…

Courage to put your self FIRST… Now that is the real challenge for most.

Courage to be Vulnerable.

Courage to take off your Mask and show yourself and others who you REALLY are

Courage to Trust your self and others

Courage to take Responsibility.

Courage to be honest with your Self about your Home Situation

Courage to change your life if you are unhappy with it.

Courage to pursue your REAL Dreams…

Courage to Forgive (Stop Judging Others)Thank you so much for joining me on this 12 Ethics Email Challenge and I will be emailing you over coffee tomorrow!

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