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Good morning my people!
Today on Courage, we are talking about Problem Solving. 
We do not have a Problem Solving Culture. Not at all. People complain, vent, and endure the trauma and abuse. But we are not taught to Problem Solve. It doesn’t even occur to the majority of people. Once you are deep into what Problem Solving is and the skills required to apply a Solution to a Problem, the entire world changes about how we look at life. 
It’s the difference between thinking, “There is nothing I can do about it” and “There is everything I can do about it.” 
A Problem Solving Mindset or a Solutionist Mindset is core to A Healing Journey, a Pilgrimage, and Life Transformation. Our culture nurtures complaining and enduring abuse. Our culture rewards enduring abuse, which is why so many people are addicted to mediocrity and abuse. 
Problem Solving Mindsets don’t tolerate abuse. Obstacles happen in life. They are guaranteed. This is why Problem Solving is key in mastering at a very young age. Without Problem Solving, the Obstacles remain, and we go nowhere. We sit where we are, enduring the abuse, and we give up our dreams because they feel impossible.
Our Endurance to abuse is extraordinary and Endurance is very much a skill. Most of us have this skill almost Mastered. All we have to do is acknowledge it, realize it when we are using our Endurance Skill and strategically direct it toward a different agenda like Problem Solving. 
Problem Solving is Logic. Short and Simple. It is the ability to take inventory of your resources, assess the entire situation you are in and the entire history of your life, assess when and where you recognize a pattern, sort out the common denominators, identify which of your data is related AND relevant (many people only focus on related data that is irrelevant), and then to put the events in Order of Operations so they can identify the Symptoms from the Catalyst. And then locate the True Invisible Catalyst. 
A lot of people focus on spouses, ex’s, or jobs… But these are all consequences to a Mindset you developed a long time ago.
In a Healthy Mindset Trauma doesn’t happen because The Mindset doesn’t attract the Abuser to begin with. The Mindset doesn’t happen because we are not taught the Toxic Mindset to begin with. The Invisible Catalyst is always the Parent who did not teach you how to protect yourself or how to prioritize yourself over enduring the abuse. 
The Invisible Catalyst is always an absence of Courage to Self-Preserve. Some parents are really horrible people. And some parents use their children. Some parents are just too naive and we as children were born into abuse. Some children are punished for using Courage.
Those are the children whose lives become a story about how they ended the cycle of abuse and escaped and how they turned their lives around. And some people are trapped for decades. And we all are right back where it all began, at the Point of Courage when we choose to change and choose something DIFFERENT. 
To refuse to live under the shadow of a Mindset we never wanted. 
To refuse to mindlessly copy what our parents did. 
To refuse to endure any more abuse when Courage opens the door.
Yesterday, I briefly introduced the Second Ethic, Self-Authority. These two Ethics marry themselves so beautifully… Courage to have Self-Authority and put yourself at the Center of Your Universe is vital to overcoming Trauma. The 3rd Ethic, Self-Regulation is Endurance and Perseverance. Courage to pick up and keep going no matter what.
I wrote this in an article last night: 

Close a door and another one opens.

I am a firm believer that our minds are only allowed a certain number of open doors. But every door open is more like a “0” and every closed door is a “1.” And when you’re living in Logical Code where one open door is a limitation on what other doors you can open, then you become possessive over keeping other doors closed just to ensure this one door stays open.

Before you know it, you’re not living. You’re giving up what you love to keep a door open. You’re missing out on what you want just to ensure this one door stays open. And you ignore the closed doors that would open if you weren’t so determined to keep this one door open.

And when you finally close that door, you feel the chains fall off of you. You feel your freedom come to you in waves, and all the doors that you couldn’t open because you were holding onto this one door just swing open… and suddenly, all your dreams come flooding back to you.

You remember that trip to Europe you wanted to take, but never did. You remember the globe trotting you had planned on doing, but never did. You remember everything and it all comes back.

So the question I have for you is… what doors are you guarding to ensure they stay open? What doors are you holding open that have caused the closing of other doors you desire? Some things are so logical that when you hold onto one thing, it blinds you to all the other things you are missing out on.

The Pilgrimage is long and hard. The Healing is arduous and long. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. Pace yourself, but don’t stop for so long that you stop. Remember Ulysses. Remember Cerce. Pace yourself, but don’t push on for so long that you burn out. Remember the 3rd Ethic. Self-Regulation.

Courage is the first step toward Problem Solving. It’s the Decision to say, “I will not have any toxic language or habits around me, not even from others.” It’s the courage to say, “Do not gossip around me. I love you and am open to hear about you, but I cannot be exposed to gossip. It’s toxic.” I said this to my mother this week. She listened and started telling me about her dreams.
Because I confronted my mother and expressed my hatred for gossip, she stopped talking about gossip and started talking about her dreams! Now that… that was a consequence I had not realized would come from me setting a boundary!
When you set a boundary with your spouse, children, or parents, you teach them also a healthier way to live. You make them THINK. They think things like, “Oh! Maybe I shouldn’t do that.” and “Oh! I like that! I’m going to think like that too!”
Humans LEARN through Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Response.
The First Ethic is not just about Courage. There are many components about Courage that come with this Ethic that I have not yet talked about that, when partnered with Courage, enhance it. Let’s call this an Ethical “To Do” List.
View the Ethical To Do List (Available on 19 May 2024). I will repost this tomorrow for your convenience.
I will have this available here in a classroom setting so that you can join us.
Did you know that the word “Victim” simply means “One who suffers?”
Problem Solving changes our lives from us being Helpless Sufferers to being Warriors hell-bent on ending our Suffering. Courage to Problem Solve, to endure the “Trial and Error” of Problem Solving is vital to our Success in our Mission. (We cover How to properly utilize Trial and Error).
How Problem Solving directly influences our Ethics and Dreams and Happiness
You know… I once hosted a Book Carnival online… I think… I desire, I wish, and I want… to host a Healing Carnival Online… The Healing Garden’s Healing-Cyber Convention… … … … *The idea forms* … … … 16, 17, and 18 August 2024 … … … A three-day, Online Convention… Like… Comic-Con meets All Things Healing. It’s time to kick Trauma’s ass and to get into the right Mindset.
I’m doing it.
I need Volunteers!
I need Vendors for Virtual Booths! Vendors can register here.
Sign up is right here, right now if you want to jump in or learn about how you can build The Healing Garden Healing Cyber Convention for 16, 17, and 18 August 2024!
If you want to attend the Healing Convention, you are all already in the right place! Admission is 100% free for those seeking Healing Resources! I have a lot of healing people in my Network, and we’re going to band together and build you an All-In-One Online Healing Carnival Convention in August!
Public Speakers and Authors need to register as Vendors.
This Email LIst is right where everything Healing Garden happens.
*Anna grabs the helm and steers the ship a full 90 degrees port side* We’re taking a different path to the end of our Journey my people! Let’s do this!
I know how to to do this.
Words are the knobs in our minds that adjust our Mindset Scope. You want to heal and change your mind, you need the right words to adjust the focus and angle on your Perspective Scope. And I know each and every one of those knobs. So here is how this is going to work… Talk is just talk, and great ideas fizzle out because Action is rarely taken. ACTION requires Plan, Direction, and COURAGE!
I can talk all day long, but if we’re not applying the Courage, the lesson is not learned. Stepping into the Action IS the Courage. And when you do it, it turns your Mind ON… LIKE A LIGHT BULB!
Alright, my hearty Crew! Here is your assignment for the day, Ask yourself what it is you REALLY want. I mean, REALLY. If you could wipe your life slate clean and just step from this life into another life, what would you take with you? What would you drop like an old bag of sand you don’t need to carry? What you would intentionally and deliberately put in your life?
And ask yourself the question, “How long should I plan to take getting that change?”
Call it Operation : Courage to Change and, I recommend three months. PUT IT ON YOUR FRIDGE.
Every single time I do this, it never fails me. Move to New York City, Find my life partner, get a job on Wall Street… No matter the dream, in three months, I get it every time.
Courage to become DETERMINED.
Thank you so much for joining me on this 12 Ethics Email Challenge and I will be emailing you over coffee tomorrow! 
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May the kindest of words always find you.
Anna S. Imagination
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People who struggle with Addiction usually are Apprentices with the first Ethical Skill Courage. Consider discussing this with a professional. We gently encourage you to seek out a professional to guide you through the 12 Ethical Email Challenge. And Warmest Love to you on your Healing Journey.
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