20 Steps to Relieve Narcissism

  1. Learn about the 2 Types of Narcissism and the 6 Stages.
  2. Learn how to recognize 1st Person Point of View from 3rd Person Point of View.
  3. Recognize that Narcissism is an ADDICTION to Power and Control.
  4. Get Professional Help.
  5. Get rid of the Language
  6. Learn Discernment.
  7. Have a Circle of Trust.
  8. DO NOT compromise another person’s Equal Footing.
  9. Do NOT Eggshell walk for others. They need to know WHERE it hurts so THEY can learn how to Self-Regulate also.
  10. Learn how to “Stay in your own Story” (The Art of Imagination Discipline)
  11. Learn to Self-Regulate
  12. Learn Story Stepping and How to Point of View Stepping
  13. Learn how to recognize YOUR Responsibility from THEIR Responsibility
  14. Stop Helping people.
  15. Stop allowing others to help you.
  16. Stop Pursuing Love
  17. Learn to Trust
  18. Learn to Have Courage to Trust
  19. Learn to accept Vulnerability
  20. Manifest Ethical Law that Contradicts Narcissism (Anna’s Power Manifestations)