26 May 2024 – The Healing Garden Newsletter

Good morning my beautiful Sunshine People! 

It’s Sunday! This email is going to be short and sweet. My Whim is telling me to take the day and reflect, meditate, and isolate myself with The Self. And so I must listen. 
We’re shifting into the 3rd Ethic this week, Self-Regulation. The Ethics Courage and Self-Authority are integrated in the 3rd Ethic of Self-Regulation as we focus on the Life Skill of knowing when we need to shift from Adventure to Comfort. 
I love using the A-B-C Model for this, which partners beautifully with The “C” Drop. 
Adventure. Boundary. Comfort. Becoming Mindful and Self-Aware of your personal signs that tell you that you have reached your limits is the first sign that you need Boundary up, Deny Access, and return to your Genie Bottle. 
We’re also going to focus on Objective and Subjective Mindsets and how to manage both of these and what they mean.
The 12 Ethics are the Core to Power Economics (The 7th, 8th, and 9th Ethics are actually where Power Economics comes from), and it is 100% how we connect with others. 
Upon the Integration of the 3rd Ethic, The Core Ethic, Trust, is learned. Trust in the Self and Trust in others. If you have trust issues, it is because you lack the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethic alongside the Skill of Discernment. 
We cover Skill Building this week and how Learning is really Skill Building vs. Information and Data Bingeing/Hoarding. When you know the difference between Skill Building and Information and Data Binge + Hoard + Glutton Memorization, your relationship with yourself, others, and Learning changes. 
All of these are elements required for Self-Regulation.  

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1 – Play The Game and join this RPG/Pokemon-Go Styled Quest Line to enhance your Healing Journey and Pilgrimage “The Nerd Way” Learn More

2 – The Healing Reformation and the Radical Global Healing Plan has begun! We are changing the way The World does Healing, Education, Economics, and Business! Learn More 

3 – If you are enjoying the 12 Ethics Email Challenge, join us 16, 17, and 18 August 2024 for the Healing Convention and Summit where we put these tools into practical application. The Healing Garden’s HEALING CYBER-CONVENTION and Summit is in August! Join this All-In-One Healing Resource Oasis and Encompass a New Way of Healing! Learn More

4 – Join our Facebook Group Triadic Healing For Women : Navigating Man’s Rape Culture where we provide classes on this subject.

5 – Are you a Business Owner? Power Economics takes the 12 Ethics and infuses them into your Business, Network, and Relationship interactions. Join PANDO and join the Done-For-You Build-A-Business / Build-A-Dream Network! We train Aspiring Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to be Ethical Leaders. — >> https://www.hmsalexandria.org/welcome-to-pando/

6 – Need Self-Care Relief and Guidance? Visit our Self-Care Department with Dawn! –>> https://www.annashealinggarden.org/our-self-care-department/?swcfpc=1&v=7516fd43adaa

7 – Need to revive or find your Imagination and Creativity? Visit our Creativity Nourishing Department –>> https://www.annashealinggarden.org/our-creativity-nourishing-department/?swcfpc=1

The Healing Garden is a portion of Alexandria City located within The Abstract. It’s easy to get lost. If ever you lose your way around The Healing Garden or Alexandria, you may always access the Directory. There is a lot to do here and a lot to offer. Options are Freedom.


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May the kindest of words always find you.

Anna S. Imagination

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People who struggle with Addiction usually are Apprentices with the first Ethical Skill Courage. Consider discussing this with a professional. We gently encourage you to seek out a professional to guide you through the 12 Ethical Email Challenge. And Warmest Love to you on your Healing Journey.

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