29 May 2024 – The Healing Garden Newsletter

Hello, All! 

I am learning how to live with the Irony of My Dichotomy.
I have many sides to me. I am a Warrior, a Philosopher, a former Pilgrim. I am an Artist, Communicator, Physicist, and Pioneer. I am a Pacifist Activist. I am a Pacifist Anarchist. I have a serious problem with the System, which is designed to sustain a Delusion so Narcissists can prey on The People. 
I have a serious problem with the serious lack of Ethical Conversation that is absent from our Culture. I have a serious problem with the serious lack of Ethical Education in our society that has left people with a dangerously low Ethical IQ, which is the core of Mental Illness, Problems, and a person’s ability to flourish and grow in life and pursue their Prosperity and Happiness. 
I not only believe in the right to our Right to Pursue Happiness, I believe strongly in a Network Leader’s Obligation to make that Pursuit of Happiness an easy pursuit. 
And ours has egregiously failed us. 

Today’s Newsletter is going out late today due to some amazing news in The Healing Garden. I found a BEAUTIFUL Plugin for The Healing Garden that turns the Garden into a gorgeous Classroom! 100% of Triadic Healing is now FREE. 
The work I have before me is INSURMOUNTABLE as I have to transfer all of Triadic Healing into this Plugin. As a result, the Newsletters over the next few days/week will be very different. The 12 Ethics are at the Heart of Triadic Healing. I will do my best to provide you with the Ethics as I work on Triadic Healing. I will update you on the course work as it is uploaded. 
You can register as a Student, ask questions, and follow up as you need through the Course. Also, you will receive notifications when new material is uploaded. I am launching a Discussion and Q&A Group starting 8 June 2024 for Students of Triadic Healing. 
It is just me working on this transition phase, so I ask for your patience as I dedicate my time to the uploading of Triadic Healing into this Plugin. To view the first uploaded lesson, have a look here.
If you are new to my work, you need to know a few things about me: 
My true Nemesis are Falsehoods, Delusions, and Lies. It is the Fabrication of Delusion, built to abuse The People who have been brainwashed to protect it. It is true Appropriation. It is Vile. When I was raped in 2023, I vowed vengeance, not to attack the rapist through a corrupted and useless legal system that favors the wealthy, but to Educate the Victims in Abuse and to arm them against Abuse with Knowledge and Truth so as to prevent them from ever being abused. 
I am on a Mission to starve out Abusers by taking away their “Food Supply:” Ignorant Victims.
I have sworn an allegiance to my mission to take away every last Victim from every Abuser. And to do that, requires Nutritional Knowledge and Free Quality Education. Hence Triadic Healing and the 12 Ethics. I teach you how to Reverse Engineer your Intuition so you know when you are being lied to. Every time.
When I began pulling apart the Delusion at the bottom, it led to the top where I discovered the lies and delusion of Economists, Educators, and Psychologists who cling to their power and titles and unearned authority while also claiming naivety with “I didn’t know.”
“Well then, you should put down your Title and your unearned “Authority” and your Degree because you don’t know,” I say to them. Claiming authority when they are not experts is a FILTHY LIE that people don’t dare to question because they have conditioned us to not question authority. 
This is predatory. 
People are at their Disadvantage and I know too much about Pythagorean Psychology and Ethics and Power Economics to not say anything. I am ethically obligated to be the whistleblower. 
I have the Warrior Side of me… because I am taking on The Conscious Collective, False Experts with Unearned Authority, Empty Degrees and Pompous Titles that secure their Advantage over the Trusting Naive who they keep naive with their Educational System. Noisy Know-Nothings is what I call them. I am Taking on the Parrots who mindlessly support the Noisy Know-Nothings. I am up against The Conscious Collective that has been brainwashed by the False Experts who cling to their Degrees and Titles for Power. And I have an Educational System that is so lacking it has lowered the IQ of the Conscious Collective by 20 points in 20 years. 
The evidence is substantial. The 12 Ethics are built on Truth. Pure Truth.  
I have the Philosopher Side of me who loves my people, who seek the Truth. What I teach are the Tools so you can discover the Truth on your own with Logic, Math, and Physics. I empower you with the Ethics to reach your own conclusions for yourself. 
I am new to the skill of balancing The Philosopher with The Warrior, but I am learning. 
Narcissism does not infect a PERSON. It infects a Society. It infects a Network ONLY. Narcissism is identical to the Military Mastered Practices of the Roman Empire. I strongly hypothesize that Narcissism is a weapon of Warfare designed to take down a Society through Divide and Conquer tactics mastered by Rome. And our Society is INFECTED. 
This is not news. You know this. 
I have you, my beautiful people. I have those DESPERATE for the Truth. And I have Narcissists who sink their claws into the Minds of the Conscious Collective to ensure they keep you in a position to farm you for your resources through a System built on Delusion. 
I am learning how to direct my War away from those I love. But I cannot do the work I do in Healing, Mental Health, Societal Change with passivity. The Power and Passion that my work requires is taking on the Power-Profit Exchange that our Society is built on. I am challenging the Goliaths of an Empire. And I stand on the back bone of Logic and Truth. So forgive my “intensity,” but we are at the beginning of GREAT Societal Change with a detailed, strategic plan to do so through Pacifism, Education, Logic, Ethics, and Truth, and I live every day on the Front Lines.  
If anything happens to me, my family, my network, or my networks network, you know then that I am right. And that we are not FREE like their Delusion insists we are. This is a War of Mindset and a War of Reality. And my work requires precise and careful strategy to ensure the most peaceful path.
My goal is only to Educate the Uneducated… but this knowledge that I have, was strategically removed from Society in the year 380 CE. And I am putting it back. Every attempt in the past to put this knowledge back into the System has resulted in two things: 
1 – The Execution of the Leader
2 – The Much needed Societal Change closer toward the Truth
But if we’re Free, then… there should be no resistance to this change. Only Time will tell the Truth. That… is the part of the sentence that was lost centuries ago. “Only Time will tell The Truth.”
Society is just a Mindset. 
Reality is just a Mindset. 
We are Free to choose our own.
But a Mindset can easily be controlled through ignorance, by Abusers.  
“No one is coming.” Dr. Nathaniel Branden of The Six Steps of Self-Esteem.
Today on Self-Regulation, your needs and your wants. That is what Self-Regulation regulates. What you need with what you want. 
The Skills required for this is…
The Skill of Intuition. Listen to YOU. TALK TO YOUR IDENTITY AND YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. They are Sentient people too!
The Skill of Courage to tell people what you WANT and what you NEED.
The Skill of Prioritizing. Telling yourself when PlayTime is over to take care of YOU.
The Skill of Prioritizing. Telling yourself when Work Time is over to take care of YOU.
The Skill of Savoring Enjoyment.
The Skill to STOP MULTI-TASKING. Multi-tasking DENIES The Skill of Savoring Enjoyment, which is One of The Purposes of Life. 
If you are ready to ACTIVATE the next ACTION in this Chain Reaction, head to The Healing Garden, and I will receive you there with your next Quest –>> Link for the HMS Slush Brain People Only.

May the kindest of words always find you.

Warmest wishes,

Anna S. Imagination

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