On 17 December 2023, I discovered that I had Narcissism in me. by April 2024, I had uncovered the third discovery of Narcissism. Narcissism is a Language Virus passed and carried only through The Language. And on 8 May 2024, all the exercises I had invented to get rid of it succeeded.

I felt the “flip” switch to the other side of every Narcissistic issue. Like a waterfall effect that poured from the AIDNS.

What was the switch? I vowed to accept my humility owed to me.

I manifested that I would hold myself Ethically Accountability for all the pain and hurt I caused others.

And then I manifested that I would accept the Ethical Lesson.

I manifested that I would take great care to preserve and serve only my Responsibility and also, to tell others to leave mine alone. (This was the big one). Every small responsibility was practice for the big responsibilities.

I manifested that I would l feel remorse enough to learn and apologize to those who I caused harm to.

I manifested that my words manifest and so, I manifested that my words would be carefully guarded by me to ensure that I would never cause harm to others again.

And then, I learned the language and began creating a new language. A non-Narcissist Language designed to cultivate and nurture Mental Health.

And then I manifested that this language would be a useful resource to everyone.

I manifested that I would only “help” someone to teach them problem solving.

I manifested that I would solve my own problems and that I would not allow anyone to solve my problems again for me. Nor would I ever try to solve the problems of others.


The Power of Triadic Healing Manifestation

The example I just provided above is one of 12 Manifestations I have written, each designed to nurture each Ethic. And I’m providing them to you for free in the Triadic Healing Part #1a.

Members get to enjoy my Triadic Healing Manifestations live in Journey Into The Self.


The Ethical Emotion Paths:

Courage – Vulnerability – Teach From The Ground. Learn from the Top.

5 – Power of Choice Accountability – Guilt