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We Are Here To Challenge How You Think About The World, Life, And Everything.

Philosophers call this Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification

(It’s a Good Thing).

We are here to train your Subconscious Mind how to challenge how you think all on your own, without spoon feeding you or hand holding.


We call this Self-Authority and Independence.


The 7 Academic Disciplines are:

👉 Pythagorean Psychology : The User’s Manual For the Subconscious Mind and The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind
👉 Human Circuitry and Power Economics
👉 Storytelling “Sage” Teaching (The Bard Arts) Lost in the 17th Century
👉 Mother Nature’s Business Model (Business and Wealth. The Entire Formula from A to Z)
👉 The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self (Plato’s Curriculum)
👉 The 12 Ethics and The Point of Comprehension (Your Ethical IQ)
👉 Radical Disruption & Mental Diversification (Advanced and Unlocks “The God Code”)
These are only available at The Healing Garden.

We Are Here To Challenge How You Think About The World, Life, And Everything. Philosophers call this Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification (It’s a Good Thing).

In simplicity, there is Truth.

And we spend so much time complicating simple things that we forget that, sometimes, we just need to strip everything away to the basic essentials.

This is why we all must learn to speak with as few words as possible.

And now… I can see the Catalyst.

I have a message to give to you, but there is so much noise that it is hard to see the Catalyst.

But I know how to Clean my RAS so I can see the Full Equation.

The way Society Teaches us to live and learn is not just inconvenient, impractical, or wrong.

It causes Mental Illness, Societal Collapses, Global Starvation, and the loss of The Currency. It causes such low Intelligence that we end up lacking the emotions and understanding to even care.

And those who do care, lack the knowledge of how to change it.

We may already be there.

It causes Human Extinction on a Global Scale.

There are core Lessons that we must all learn at the very, VERY beginning. And if we do not, everything we learn thereafter is not only wrong, but it causes Mental Illness.

This is why there is a Mental Health Crisis. This is why most people have to work 2 jobs to live. This is why people can’t afford housing or food.

Because we are missing the Core Lessons.

I found the Core Lessons, and when I did, I gained a vast understanding of Logical Comprehension that was so disturbing about our Culture that I turned my life over to the Mission of Delivering my Message, my Discovery, and my Solution to the World.

But this concept is so Abstract that most people cannot even begin to understand it because they are missing the Core Lessons.

This is called a Catch-22 or a Logic Loop.

Now it can take years, about 45 years, for the Mental Illnesses to catch up to people. Meanwhile, every symptom, every problem, every obstacle that you have ever faced in your life is a direct consequence to your missing these Core Lessons.

So you tell me, do you want these Core Lessons?

Do you want to open this Door and explore what is missing from your life?

Do you have any curiosity at all of what I found?

What if I told you that all the Abuse you suffered was 100% preventable with this information?

What if I told you that 100% of all bad choices you have ever made were 100% avoidable if you have been taught these Core Lessons?

What if I told you that 100% of all the data in this world is inaccurate because we are missing these Core Lessons, which changes the data?

What if I told you that 100% of everything everyone has studied in Colleges, Universities, and Laboratories is inaccurate because they are missing these Core Lessons?

What if I told you that everything you believe Life has to be is wrong and unnecessary just because you were not taught these Core Lessons?

Are you asking yet, “What are these Core Lessons?”

What if I told that the sooner you learn these Core Lessons now and teach them to your children, the sooner this whole thing, The Failing Economy, The Poverty, The Abuse, The Mental Health Crisis, all of it, ends?

That the only reason why things are still falling apart is only because you and 8 Billion other people did not learn these Core Lessons?

Would you put your life on hold to ask, “What did I not learn? What did I miss? What could I have controlled and changed in my life if only I had these Core Lessons?”

Would you stop everything to ask, “What choices am I making right now that could be changed if I had these Core Lessons?”

“What choices will I be saved from making next week if I had these Core Lessons?”

How much do you need to Value this information before you gain the Curiosity to explore this Information?

Because things are going on. Society is changing. Resources are running out. The System is falling… all because of these missing Core Lessons.

Will you wait until it’s too late?

Or will you take the time now to learn more to see just how much Control and Power you really do have to take action and change?

Your Assignment:

Get Curious. Open the Door to Alice’s Rabbit Hole and learn about these Core Lessons and how they affected you all your life.

  1. Conscious Awareness (The Theory via Anna’s Videos and Writings)

  2. Mental Diversification (Practical Practiced Skills in Real Life Application)

  3. Exploratory Dialogues (Discussion : Anna’s Weekly Workshops)

Skills To Practice In Practical Application

Question to Ponder: What do you think Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification means? Imagine your life if you were to do the absolute most extreme and opposite, and follow the “Results” of If/Then actions down through the Chain Reaction. Where would you end up? What would be different? What would be the same? What would change? What would improve? What would you lose? What would you gain?

What do I do to get started?

Our Learning and Training is Tiered.

Tier #1 “The Casual Learner” is basic “Attendance” and Practical Practiced Participation In Real life (No Risk. HIGH ROI)

Tier #2 “The Engaged Learner” is Joining the Discussions and Masterclasses. Literally… Mental Weight Lifting (Low Risk. HIGHER ROI)

Tier #3 “The Serious Learner” is getting the full immersive Experience to Transform your Business and Life (Medium to High Risk. HIGHEST ROI)


Mother Nature’s Laws :

  1. Don’t scare the Children
  2. Speak like everything you say is a manifestation
  3. Human Beings are Changelings and Sentient Stories
  4. Always Remember The 12 Ethics.
  5. Never Forget the 12 Ethics.
  6. Each and Every one of us is living inside a Chain Reaction. Life is one, giant Chain Reaction.
  7. Your Life Chain Reaction is 100% Navigational with Logic and Physics, but you have to be taught.

Anna Imagination and The Healing Garden PROUDLY loves, supports, welcomes, and wants the LGBTQ+ Community, polyamory and Kink lifestyles, non-conformists, and Mermaids.

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