The Healing Garden

Welcome To Life School

“All the stuff you should have learned in school and didn’t”


“You!” The Gardener calls across the Garden, hobbling toward you. “Hold on there! Before you even think of just waltzing in here, you need to know a few things.”

The Garden closes the gate behind you and studies you for a moment.

“It’s true. The Fruit in this Garden is… Powerful. Exceptional. RARE. But the Thorns of that Fruit will get you. And I’m tired of people wandering in, picking at the Fruit, and then getting hurt because they didn’t know about the Thorns.”

The Gardener walks toward the Fountain, signaling you to follow.

“Anna is… Different. This Healing Garden is not at all like all those other woowoo Healers, Spiritualists, and Psychologists. This place… is…”

The Gardener looks over their shoulder.


The Gardener sighs and sits them selves down on the edge of the Fountain. They invite you to sit.

“Every Person has a Fruit that they offer. You have your Fruit. Maybe you’re finding your Fruit… But every Fruit comes with a Philosophy. And it’s the Philosophy that is the Marketing.”

“Now… we are For the Underdog, and what we do here, we do it for Love… We are for the beaten down and Abandoned… The Rover… The Wanderer… The Black Sheep… But not all Black Sheep WANT to hear what is within these walls. Not all Underdogs WANT to be healed.

Well… rather… Not all Underdogs WANT to do the WORK that it takes to heal. And this Fruit is Special.

So we had to learn the hard way that a Gate keeper is required. And that… That is what I am.”

The Gardener leaned in close to you.

“You’re in Anna’s World now. And it is not for anyone.

We have some AMAZING Fruit… But Anna’s Philosophy is NOT for everyone. She is obsessed with Ethics and Quality. Those are her two… Passions. These are at the top of her Agenda.

Right under Ethics and Quality, Anna has her Mission, her Agenda toward Humanity.

But every Fruit has its thorn and this is hers.

Love. Freedom. Healing. Yes.

Wealth. Prosperity. Abundance. Yes. Fulfillment. Yes.

Wisdom. Yes.

But also, Truth. Transparency. Logic. Honesty.

This Fruit comes with Pure Truth and Transparency. It is ONLY for those who are willing to Break the Delusion

And that… is where we have a problem with you just walking in there. EVERYONE loves to believe that their Truth is the “Right” Truth.

That they have Reality all figured out.

Except Anna… is an Ontologist. And a Logician. She lives at the Point of Comprehension where Truth is so visible that Anna can just look at something and KNOW if it is Logically Pure or not. And then she can prove it. And she made a bargain with the Universe that makes her Honor Bound to uphold the Ethics. So she is Honor Bound to point out the Liars.

Even the Liars who think they have Truth.

And in exchange for her service to the Universe, Anna received Wisdom.

She is The Queen of the Darkness. She lived 40 years a Domesticated Slave and was raped on 9/11. By 4 years old she saw more Darkness than most people see in their entire lifetime… And that Darkness made her Kind. She escaped the Darkness four TIMES only to go right back into it again — on purpose — JUST to Master the Escape of it. And she did. Anna walks through Darkness like everyone else walks through Light… and the Darkness doesn’t even touch her.

She is the Subconscious Mind Whisperer. Anna can See Lies. Anna can see Masks. Anna knows how to use Math to reveal Truth as easily as you breathe. Anna can walk into your Mind and See every lie, every mask, every thing you hide… and, with your permission, she can say the right words to shift your Perspective right onto your Truth and Free you.

And that is the Wisdom Anna used to grow the Fruit and this Garden.

So… Do you know what an Ontologist is?

It is a Master, a Scientist of Reality and Delusion. Only Ontologist’s know what Reality is. And Anna can See Physics move. Anna can See Mother Nature.

So this Ontologist, This Physicist, This Ethically Bound Queen of the Darkness and Subconscious Mind Whisperer who is Honor Bound to Speak the Truth that she can see, built this Garden and grew this Fruit with her Knowledge…

…and you are now currently standing in HER Garden wanting THAT Fruit.

So let me ask you this… How certain are you that you Know what you know?

Did you receive a good education?

Did it prepare you for life real good?

You’re happy now just like they promised? Right?

You got everything from those Good Educators so you have wealth, happiness, and love now? Just like they Promised you?

Did you study real hard? Work real hard?

Were your Teachers… good… at their job?

Were they Ethical?

Were their text books… honest?

And if not, then… how do you know what you know is real?

So, you’ll have to leave. Good bye. Let’s go.”

The Gardener stands and signals for you to get up and follow.

“Anna can’t have people wandering around The Garden who have no business being here. Her Fruit is not for the taking. It’s only for those who want to Learn. The Students here WANT the TRUTH. No matter how Horrific, Ugly, or terrifying it is.

Touch her Fruit and… why… you may find out that everyone you loved Lied to you.

Touch her Fruit and you may find out that everyone you loved abused you.”

The Gardener opens the gate and invites you out.

“Touch her Fruit and you may find out that you’re living inside a Delusion to disguise your own Slavery. A giant Theater Production… where you aren’t even real. Or are you?

Touch Anna’s Fruit and you may even find out that YOU are a God… Is that something you are willing or able to even think about?”

The Gardener peered closer and studied you long and hard.

“The Fruit in this Garden is not Forbidden, but she is not so sure that you want it. Or are ready for it. A lot of people think they want Healing… But what they don’t know is that Healing is the undoing of Lies and Delusion.

Do you really want the Undoing of your Lies and Delusions?

You may not like what you learn.

If you are going to be here, you have to be certain that you want it. So do you want it?”

There is no “Ascent” beyond these walls.

There is no “Awakening” beyond these walls.”

The “Divine” is dead beyond these walls.

God is dead beyond these walls.

Because only Mother Nature and her Physics rules here.

Anna killed the Hierarchy. This is a Lower-Archy. She sits at the bottom under everyone else’s feet so she can lift you up… Right where a True Leader belongs… and no one sits lower than Anna.

“So, I’ll say it again. Do you want it?”

And if you think this is intense… My dear…

The Gardener laughs.

I am only The Gatekeeper.

The important thing is this: To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. – Charles Dubois.


The Home And Community Of Ethical Leaders & Visionaries

“Finally a Place For you To Belong”

I would love to hear your Vision and offer you a place among us if this matches and fits your dream. 

Our Mission is to nourish your Mission.

Don’t have a Mission? Not sure where you belong? Looking for a place to call Home? We have a place for you to.

PANDO is World Class Organization, which is both, Celebration, University, and Work Space for Visionaries, Humanitarians, Ethical Leaders, and Action Takers who are dedicated to Social Service.

We have an open door policy for access to anyone regardless of wealth, ideas, background, region, race, religion, LGBTQIA+, if you live on this planet, PANDO belongs to you. We Nourish, Train, Guide, and Support anyone who Aspires to be or is an Ethical Leader and Visionary and we provide Nutritional Knowledge and Training to get people wherever they want to go in life.

And we collaborate with all businesses, individuals, governments, and companies around the world for our United Mission.

We are PANDO.

Optimized Action + Radical Disruption (OARC) and Mental Diversification for 

Self-Authority and Independence


Triadic Healing

Follow the Same Healing Journey Anna Took Through The Darkness


The Garden provides respite, shelter, calm, understanding, guidance, resources, and direction during the Societal Perspective Shift as we move into The Age of Authenticity. We Nourish your Mission and Calling. We help you find your Purpose.

The last time a Societal Shift occurred was in the 1,400’s.

Before that, it happened in the 4th Century.

It is going to be okay.


We train Lightworkers in The Healing Garden Ethical Standards and provide Proof of Quality upon Completion



The Valkyrie Lightworkers

“Train in The Healing Garden Discipline and Ethical Standard.”

For Love. Our Purpose is For Love.


We are for Humanity.

We are For The Underdog.



We believe in the Inherent Ethical Goodness of the Human Race and that is why we Educate, to Protect and Preserve.


Our Mission is to provide the Highest Quality of Relevant and Practical Prosperity-Focused Education to people of all ages.


Welcome to “Adulting” School.

“All the things you wish you had learned in school, but didn’t.” 


We Are Here To Show you A Different World (One that is coming to us fast) so you can walk into the Future with Excitement and Joy instead of Fear. 


Knowledge and Education ends Fear.

This is our Purpose. 


The 7 Academic Disciplines are:

👉 Pythagorean Psychology : The User’s Manual For the Subconscious Mind and The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind
👉 Human Circuitry and Power Economics
👉 Storytelling “Sage” Teaching (The Bard Arts) Lost in the 17th Century
👉 Mother Nature’s Business Model (Business and Wealth. The Entire Formula from A to Z)
👉 The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self (Plato’s Curriculum)
👉 The 12 Ethics and The Point of Comprehension (Your Ethical IQ)
👉 Radical Disruption & Mental Diversification (Advanced and Unlocks “The God Code”)
These are only available at The Healing Garden.

We are Supported, Affiliated, Partnered in Collaboration with…



Anna Imagination and The Healing Garden PROUDLY loves, supports, welcomes, and wants the LGBTQ+ Community, polyamory and Kink lifestyles, non-conformists, and Mermaids.


My Loyalty is For the People, To The People, to The 12 Ethics, to Logic, Math, Physics, and To Mother Nature. 

We are not affiliated with any Political Party, System, Club, Organization, or Religious Group. 

We are For Ethical Law and Natural Order.

We are against Gender Roles.

We do not support Feminism, but rather, the absolution of Gender Roles.

We Pacifically oppose any Hierarchy as we believe in Self-Government and the Equal Footing of all People. We believe in Ethical Leadership that does not govern, but nurtures and empowers through Education and Peace at the Foundation where the People are.

We oppose the World War and all War, and it is our Agenda to stop it with Strategy and Deliberate, peaceful Action.

We believe in the Philosophy of Aikido.

This is one of our many Philosophies.

We Are For Pacifism and Human Rights. We stand with Booker T. Washington, Mother Theresa, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Christ, The Buddha, and Muhammad. 

If anything happens to me, my loved ones, my Family, my Network, my Network’s Network… You know I’m right.

– Anna Imagination

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