A Brief Introduction To The Journey of The Point


The Healing Journey, The Life Journey, The Pilgrimage, The Life Path… whatever you call it, it all leads to The Point of Comprehension.

A brief introduction to The Journey of The Point and the Symptoms of a Society absent of an Ancient and Lost Science.


Do you ever have that feeling like there is something going on and you can’t put your finger on it? The same feeling you get you know “there is more to the universe,” but you just don’t know what?

I’ve heard this so much from people. “There’s something… I just… I can’t figure it out, but I’m going.”

What they seek is The Point of Comprehension. It is the place within the Abstract and The Self, where every single one of our Intuitions are all pointing to. It’s the magnetic pull, which results in the feeling of “going” somewhere and “we’ll know it when you find it.”

That Somewhere is the Point of Comprehension.

The Purpose of Life is to undertake the Self Journey to get to The Point.

It exists at the 36th Level of Consciousness. Along the way, The Big Picture becomes The Full Picture. At the Point of Comprehension, The Full Picture becomes The Ultimate Picture.

Your Life Journey toward your Dream Goal is what you find along the way to The Point. The Learning Journey is the Journey toward The Point. The Self is discovered on the Journey of The Self as you venture deeper into Self.

There is “The Oasis,” which gives the delusion that you are healed, but The Oasis is actually a mirage and is where dreams go to die. People who arrive here usually settle down thinking they are healed when in fact, they are only about 20% of the way through. People have wasted 4 years, 10 years, a lifetime at The Oasis.

One woman I met in The Oasis boasted how she had been teaching her “Savant and Genius Traits” to her daughters. In fact, her “Genius Traits” were PTSD Symptoms. The dangers of not learning.

The Oasis is dangerous. Beware The Oasis. Learn about it before you begin your Healing Journey.

Along the way, you pass through the Academic Disciplines.

You discover the Lost Science of Human Propagation and Comprehension. You discover Pythagorean Psychology. You discover Power Economics. You discover Plato’s Point.

You experience Perspective Shifts as your Comprehension of the world changes. You are challenged and you discover everything that you are capable of.

You lose your Language and Communication skills as you discover new Perspectives not yet shaped into words that Layman understand. And then, you overcome that challenge too and you are whole again. And everything that is yours comes back to you, but you are not the same.

And there is Inner Peace. Loyalty. True Love. Joy. And People. And that these things are the True Meaning of life.

At the Point of Comprehension, you understand one Ultimate Truth: That the quality of a Society is determined solely by the quality of its Educational System. That the Lost Science of Human Propagation and Comprehension , Pythagorean Psychology, and Power Economics are vital to the Nourishment and Growth of a society, and their absence is their ultimate collapse.

And it is damn impressive that we have gotten this far without them for 2,000 years. And suddenly every problem in the world, Mental Illness, War, the shrinking Middle Class, the Collapsing Economy, the Federal Debt, the severe decline in IQ Points over the last 20 years, all point to the absence of The Lost Science of Human Propagation and Comprehension.

And the severe need to integrate these precious Academic Disciplines back into Society becomes painful apparent.

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