And she lived happily ever after forever and always

Last night I went to bed seeking Peace.

What I found was the Kingdom of Heaven.

I found Possession inside of me. I walked up to it and called it by Name. I asked, “Where did you come from?”

And Possession answered, “Loneliness. I was courageous. I was Vulnerable. I did Trust. And they hurt me. I did not quit. I persevered. And still they hurt me. I made laws for myself, but they were not good enough. I was courageous and tried again. I opened myself to them over and over. I gifted them my Vulnerable. I trusted them and they hurt me. I desired Connection. I desired Love. I desired the Pando. And all I got was pain. But I never gave up. I kept trying.

For 40 years I endured that pain. But by the 41st, I could no more. And I became what I hated the most.”

“All the knowledge in all the world could not get me through to Pando. I tried. For more than 30 years, I gorged myself on Knowledge just as must as one Possesses Love, Sex, Money, Control, Power, Knowledge too can be Possessed. But the more you seek Possession, the less you can be satisfied.

It wasn’t until I came upon the 12 Ethics that Possession started to subside. And now, I stand before you, asking you, after all that we have done, why you are still here?

“I am lonely,” Possession said. “I desire Connection. So I sought Sex.

“What is it about Pando that we all seek?”

“Pando is home,” Possession said. “Pando is where we belong. When something so horrible happened long ago, when you lost, memory, all lost Pando. We’ve been looking for it ever since. I want to go home.”

“You will never get there without Forgiveness,” I said.

And I felt Possession’s Thoughts turn to all who had wronged him. All who had loathed him. All who had hurt him. The pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers, and abusers and the liars.

“It is any wonder they are what they are when it is quite logical and understandable that they are what they are. Look at how they grew up? They all were born in Possession, not Love. Of course they are Abusers consumed by Possession. It is quite Logical for them to be what they are. How can we hold someone Accountable for what is only Logical for them to be?

And they suffer. They live in Possession far away from Love and Pando. Of course they are criminals. But your Spite and Resentment toward them contributes to their pain and pushes both of you further away from Love. Forgiveness is the Understanding and wiping of their “Debts” so that they too can start again and choose to do differently.

Forgiveness is Pure Logical Love that can spark the Greatest of Changes and end their Possession. Not Forgiving is Possession.

And in that moment, I felt Possession Forgive, and he grew smaller.

“I desire sex and love,” Possession said.

“You will never have it so long as you pursue and desire for Possession.”

“How do I rid myself of this,” Possession said. At this I felt a great Fear rise up inside of him.

“Humble yourself to Submission and Consensual Slavery. Liken yourself to a Servant. A Knight HonorBound in oath to serve those you seek to enslave. That is where any Master who seeks to enslave belongs. Humbles as a Consensual Slave in Submission to the one they seek to possess.”

This, I felt the most strain from Possession. He dropped slowly to each knee. There, he gave a vow of servitude to the man he sought to enslave and so became his Consensual Servant and Slave instead. And gave a vow to serve and protect for nothing at all in return but for honor.

And then. As I closed my eyes, I smiles and heard Possession say, “I am grateful for all that I have.”

Forgiveness and Acceptance, no Judgement for what is Logical. Humility and Consensual Slavery. Gratitude.

At this, the greatest waves of Love, Pando, Gratitude all flooded to me and in that moment I knew. I had found the Kingdom of Heaven buried deep in the Abstract, Hidden far, far away from the Material Plane. And the only path? The 12 Ethical Trials completed 3 times.

There is no other way.

About the Author: Anna Imagination