Anna The Oralstorian

Oralstorian is a word Anna Invented to give a precise name to what it is she does. And no, the word, until 14 September 2023, did not exist. Anna had to make it up for Modern Audiences to better understand what it is she does. Oralstorian is Anna’s word because no words existed to explain what she does.

In short, an Oralstorian is a teacher or a professor who teaches “on the field.” They combine story-telling, Communication and Language Mastery with Theater, any combination of the arts, Philosophy, and one additional field of Mastery be it Physics, History, or as in Anna’s case, Psychology and Human Behavior.

Theater and Stage Presence, Communication and Language, Philosophy, and Story Telling are the four primary fields of Mastery in addition to one additional subject with which to regale audiences. An Oralstorian is required to have no less than 5 fields of Mastery.

The purpose of an Oralstorian is *not* to entertain. Far from it. The purpose and mission of an Oralstorian is to teach through the use of Entertainment to reduce the learning time and to help the audience Internalize the lesson in a fraction of the time.

Oralstorians are Modern Day Bards once known as “Filí’s” in Ancient Ireland and are Masters at communication and language.

Oralstorian is a Historian, who is not limited to stories of the past. Likewise, an Oralstorian uses Oral and Traditional Bardic-Like Skills to tell stories anywhere they are. Just being in the presence of an Oralstorian puts you in the audience of one. Oralstorians combine all their skills to tell a story for education and learning purposes.

In Anna’s case, she uses Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Theater, Poetry, Music, Art, Dance, Song, writing, Physics, Math, Geometry, The Energy Arts, Mental Wellness practices, Holistic Methods, and Bardic Skills to deliver tales and learning lessons in an engaging, improvised stage-like setting anywhere she happens to be depending upon the situation.

Unlike Public Speakers, Oralstorians engage and play with the Audience, much like Freddy Mercury did.

Anna is an Oralstorian with a Mastery of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Story Telling. Her command of Language and ability to engage and connect with people is currently unmatched by her Real and Raw Authenticity and”Ignite you on Fire” Energy that come easily and naturally to her.

And this… this is her giving herself permission to free the Fae Nymph inside of her and play.

Anna has been on the stage since she was 4 years old and has more than 20 years’ experience on the stage. She has given more than 5 talks and has led her own organizations and given countless presentations from 2014 to 2023.

Her most notable presentation is schedule for 16 & 17 December 2023 at M8 Call located at the LA Convention Center where she has been invited to speak on Triadic Healing and Love, Relationships and Romance : The Relationship Paradigm.

Anna’s Keynote Speeches.

  • Triadic Healing and Authenticity : Safety and Survival vs. The Self
  • Triadic Healing and Manifestation : Knowing What You Want
  • Triadic Healing and Freeing Yourself From the Rat Race : Society’s Silent Slave System
  • Triadic Healing and Parenting : What You Can Learn From Your Children
  • Triadic Healing and Love, Relationships and Romance : The Relationship Paradigm
  • Triadic Healing and Trauma Recovery : Silent Screams and Smiles
  • Triadic Healing and The Age of Authenticity’s User Guide for the Subconscious Mind

Reminder that Anna improvises all of her speeches on the spot and incorporates engaging Mental Wealth Practices into her speeches. Anna is always available for a Q&A to follow if your itinerary allows for it.

Go to this link if you wish to Book or contact Anna for an Event.

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