Anna’s Box of Resources

Why are you touching my box!? You didn’t call me back to say, “Hey, Anna! You forgot your box!?”

Excellent! You have The CURIOSITY!

Curiosity is the First Life Skill. And if you don’t use it, you lose it. Curiosity is the Skill that separates the Life-Learners from the Not-Learners.

You have passed the test.

I will warmly welcome you into my world and do all that I can to nourish you and help you grow.

The Healing Garden is vast.

So Vast, that The Healing Garden is just the outskirts of my City. This is Alexandria. Named after the Ancient City of Alexandria where I grew up in Mind.

In Mind. That is the only Reality that truly exists for the Material Plane is the Consequence of the Mind, which is Abstract.

People who come through here are looking for

  • The Anna Story. I am The Cinderella Story In Real Life. And I offer my Story to others for Inspiration and Hope. Here is Part #1 of My Story.
  • My Masterclasses and Course Work. I didn’t just escape from the Bowels of Hell, I wrote the Instruction Manual, Laid the Stones, and Lit the Path with my Lighthouse.
  • My Community, which is where you will find me. This is the Heart of The Healing Garden. Step into the Warmth, and Love, and Light of Ethical People who dare to chase their dreams with Strategic Deliberation.
  • The Healing Garden’s Classroom LIVE on LinkedIn. Join Our Classroom.

Oh, and… I often talk in story. Contact me on LinkedIn or Facebook. If you need a Conversation starter try, “Hi, Anna! I opened your box.” I can guide you from there.

Here is your Map, which will lead you to everything in The Healing Garden and Alexandria. It’s just me. And I am building. So if you see Works In Progress or “Coming Soon,” please be patient. It’s been a long journey. And I’ve come a long way. And I am alone.


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