Art teaches us Problem-Solving.

Ironic that I just saw this.

This morning, I was going through the Ads and Marketing in my feed and I saw SO MANY “cookie cutter” templates.

I spent 20 years studying the Psychology of them all.

Today, the Subconscious Mind is so identical to all other Subconscious Minds that they are painfully predictable.

Uniqueness lies in the Identity, which is where Imagination and Creativity lie.

Subconscious Minds are composed of Logic and Self-Preservation only. (The Healing Garden has a different definition of the Subconscious Mind to help distinguish each Stage/Function of the Cognitive Core).

A Subconscious Mind will mimic, mirror, and repeat (exactly like a recording) at such high speed, and subconsciously, that within a few months, we all sound the same. It’s quite extraordinary to track.

This is what the world looks like to me. A post goes out and 3 months later, we are all repeating it. Very few unique identities among a sea of identical Subconscious Minds.

This realization is one of many that inspired me to create The Healing Garden.

I cannot explain how refreshing it was to see this post (below) only 20 minutes after I posted one of my graphics.

Imagination and Creativity are vital for Problem-Solving and for Self Expression to define Self and to nurture your Optimum Mental Wealth.

For this reason, The Healing Garden has a Creativity and Imagination Department designed just for you to revive and bring back your Imagination and Creativity because without it, you cannot Problem Solve.

So many people today do not know how to Problem Solve. They think Problems are normal. They rely too heavily on money to fix their problems.

Problems are like Fires.

Problem Prevention. Fire Prevention.

If you can learn Fire Prevention, then you can learn Problem Prevention.

You want to know why Art is so important?

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How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

Art teaches us Problem-Solving.

I am challenging you to find your uniqueness.

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