Back To The Philosopher’s Fountain

And here we are! As I said, The Healing Garden and Alexandria is a Virtual City dedicated to Nutritional Knowledge, Healing, Pilgrimage, Nurturing the People by providing them with a surplus of Resources, Business and Entrepreneur Education, Community and Networking, all infused with Power Economics. This is Human Propagation for Prosperity and Happiness.

The Healing Garden Newsletter is the News and Bulletin. The daily 12 Ethics Email Challenge introduces you to the 12 Ethics, which is what 100% of Triadic Healing is based on regardless of where you are in your Healing and/or Pilgrimage.

I take great care to nurture The Healing Garden Network through Social Media and YouTube. 100% of the Social Media Posts are available on our Blog here at The Healing Garden. if you are Subscribed to The Healing Garden Newsletter, you are already in the best place to start.

We also have Events, Membership, and Triadic Healing Courses at your Conveniences. The Healing Garden Summit and our Convention are excellent ways to get involved and are Free to The Public.

We place a heavy emphasis on Healing and Learning through Games, Play, and Community, which is the Core of our Philosophy.

In addition, we have Tiers that are unlocked as you work your way through Triadic Healing.

Tier #1 is available through the Respite Center to get you started and includes a Healing Journey Plan if you are seeking Healing.

I recommend reviewing The News Bulletin “The Town Cryer” where you can view a full list of everything offered, Events, Directions, as well as The Directory.

Pace yourself. As I said, this is Alexandria. We’re a full working City. There is a lot to do.

If you are overwhelmed, sit with me in the Garden and we’ll talk. Take your time. What I offer you here is a chance to set back and think, process, and evaluate where it is you want your life to go.

If you are supercharged and excited, head to The Town Cryer. Further direction is available for you there.

Let’s Talk. I am always 100% accessible to those within The Healing Garden.