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Welcome to Anna’s World!


I am not new to Cyber Conventions. These are a passion of mine and when the idea hits, I run with it!


16, 17, and 18 August 2024 are the dates!


We have a place for Vendors and/or Volunteers.


Here is how this works:


A Cyber Convention is an online “Carnival” where businesses have their own “booths” to sell their Healing solutions and businesses.


THIS IS ABOUT NETWORKING! Community! Helping others! Changing the way we think about Mental Health! And People! If you are new to Networking are struggle with Social Anxiety, I have you covered. I used to be terrified of talking and stuttered.


Healing is NOT “Just talk therapy” or “Just Meditation” or “Just Neuroscience” or Just “Mindset.”


Healing is ALL of it. The Healing Garden does not Specialize. The Healing Garden is Holistic. That is why we have Triadic Healing in THREE Parts. Because Healing is your Story Health, your Logic Health, and your Community Health.


We invite you to review The Healing Reformation.


If you offer anything that focuses on Mental Health, we welcome you to The Healing Garden! Where Story, your Dreams, and Imagination are included in your Healing Journey!


Now! Here is how this works:


Sign up, and we’ll be in touch. I will send out an email as you come onboard and I will personally onboard you and get you set up.


We use ONE Social Media Platform (Facebook probably) to build “Booths” where you will be invited to “Build your Own Booth” … The Healing Garden then provides you with Marketing for the Event with direction so YOU can push out the memo to your networks.


AND… we teach you how to do Networking, Business Building, and Ethical Business with POWER Economics to help YOU boost your sales and Networking Community! Win-Win-Win


Volunteers receive VIP Attention within The Healing Garden and additional perks as Thank you for helping.
Businesses wishing to Enter their Business into The Healing Garden Cyber Convention must pay a flat-rate of $500, which will include training in Power Economics and Triadic Healing part #2 (a $5,000 value)


My Healing Formula is the same Formula Rich Dad, Poor Dad talked about in his books only… he couldn’t break down the formula in Psychology terms. I can. I call it “The Success Formula.” Only he applied it to Business and Finance. I applied it to Healing and Mindset and have the Psyche and Physics knowledge to break it down into simple layman terms.


WE ARE GLOBAL. It does not matter where you are located.


In addition, this Convention is part of The Healing Garden Radical Global Healing Plan! We are organizing effective IMMEDIATELY!


No more talk. Let’s DO!
Let’s stop sitting around waiting for the Government and Authorities to help us.
Let’s help ourselves.


Vendors will get:


  • A Booth in Alexandria’s Forum and Market, which you can see here.
  • A Live “Booth” on our Facebook Page during the Event, available here (Link Coming Soon)
  • Placement within the Healing Garden’s Cyber Convention Catalogue and Email List, to be shared through all the Vendor’s
  • Visibility and The Healing Garden’s Ethical Stamp of Approval.
  • Power Economics and multiple Business Courses from our Triadic Healing Courses
  • Circulation within our Network throughout the Cyber Convention
  • Exposure in our Marketing during and leading up to the Healing Convention
  • Triadic Healing Course #2 (a $5,000 value)


YES! You have 100% FREEDOM to ETHICALLY PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS inside The Healing Garden Convention! Transparent and tasteful Promotion will be required (The Healing Garden coaches you on this in Power Economics).


After you sign up here, I’ll contact you and we’ll get you registered and started IMMEDIATELY.


My Cyber Conventions move FAST and they are a WHIRLWIND of excitement!


Thank you so much for jumping onto this ship with us!

Vendors! Business Owners! Welcome!

Vendors are the people who want to step into The Healing Garden Circuit to set up Shop for The Healing Garden Cyber Convention!


People who come to the Cyber Convention ARE NOT CHARGED! They get FREE Admission. This is because


1 – They will have more money to spend on what they want and/or need
2 – There are people who NEED what we have and they will be coming JUST for the Free Gifts. Let them come.


For this reason, there is a $500 Vendor fee and I make it worth your while. You get everything listed above and more.


You need to be someone who has an EIN for a business (any size) OR you are a Healer and/or a Lightworker who offers Services and/or Products for Healing and Mental Health.


This is a GREAT PLACE to learn about all things Mental Health new and innovative. This is about making the change we want in the world instead of waiting for others to figure it out for us. Ethical Leaders. That is what The Healing Garden trains and Nourishes.


A “Booth” is a Virtual Space where all Vendors will be gathered, much like the Roman Forums and Markets where people can go and visit your “Booth.”


You will receive a “Booth” on my Website, “” as well as on Facebook in the Event Space.


There is a schedule available, Panel Discussions, an on-going Think Tank, When I do anything, I go BIG! Google “Angela B. Chrysler” and “Brain to Books Cyber Convention” and you can see my work from 2015 to 2019. … Only that was for Authors. This is for Healing.


I have 4 years Mastery at Executive Producing and I have GOLIATHS behind me in my Network including Hollywood Producers and Ted Talks. They are already on board with The Healing Garden.


In a couple years, this Convention will be LIVE at the Javits Center in Manhattan.


3 – Reply to my email ([email protected]) when I reach out to you about setting up an Introductory call.


After payment is complete, you will receive instructions to download Triadic Healing part #2.
For now, I gift you with this video. Which is an overview and a morsel of what I do.


Welcome to The Healing Garden. May the kindest of words always find you.




Volunteers! We need Tech people! We are needing SEO and Social Media Whizzes! We welcome any PR and/or Podcast/Public Speaking People! We are needing “Fillers” and “Link Checkers!” People who go through to make sure everything is working and also to “fill in” wherever help may be needed!


We are needing “Project Managers.” Volunteers in need of certain specialities to help organize ideas! Volunteers are included in The Cyber Convention Think Tank!


I know how to put Ideas into ACTION FAST!


And I train you how to do it also!


If you are seeking to promote your business, then you will need to register as a Vendor. Vendors receive 100% rights and licensing to Ethically Sell and Promote their business within The Healing Garden!



Shy? Introvert? Social Anxiety?


Are you wanting to help out, but are shy or struggle with Social Anxiety? *smiles warmly* I used to have those obstacles too. I offer an exclusive one-on-one and group sessions to Volunteers and Vendors to help them overcome those challenges. (I stuttered and was a shut-in for 20 years).


This is free of charge regardless of whether or not you are a vendor or volunteer. This is something I offer to those who need help finding their voice. I train Voiceless Mermaids how to sing again (I used to be one). You’re in good hands. I promise you.


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