Breaking Delusion Free Download

It’s been 9 Years since Elizabeth wrote Broken. After discovering the extent of her Mental Illness, Elizabeth teams up with Bergen who is hell-bent on freeing her from The Delusion in her Mind.

But she is not alone.

As Elizabeth descends into the Abstract, the Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind are revealed, and Elizabeth, One-by-One Breaks the Delusions her Abusers built to enslave and control her.

Armed with her new-found Alliances, Elizabeth sets off to find out exactly what “Reality” — and the Truth — is.


Breaking Delusion is in the Beta Reading Stage and will be uploaded to Amazon in 2025 when it is ready for Publication.


View the DOC.X File and read now



Breaking Delusion is a Stand Alone novel that does not require reading Broken prior. Broken is Available on Amazon.


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