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Start Up The Machine

Good morning, beautiful sunshine people! I am Anna! I teach Ethical Leaders using Nutritional Knowledge!   I am here for my much needed dose of Happiness, energy, positivity, and support and there is nothing I love more than sharing it with others and using my energy to fuel yours! Pumping YOU up, pumps me up! […]

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

When people hear about my abuse, I often am asked if they were criminals or monsters… People WANT to villainize my abusers. “No,” I always say. “They were just ignorant. JUST uneducated. They were very good people. Very good people… Just uneducated.” No one wants to hear that. Good people, when uneducated, are abusive as […]

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Information vs. Knowledge

There is useless Information and Education like PhD’s and Degrees and Freudian Psychology, and then there is Quality Information where a little bit of knowledge goes a LONG way. This is the difference between Information and Knowledge. Information requires a LOT of data for Very Low Impact. Knowledge requires a fraction of data for High […]

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