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The 12th Perspective : Part #2

And there it is… I see numbers… And there is the Cognitive Dissonance. The “I don’t want this.” And the… “This isn’t impossible?” And yet… “I shouldn’t know this.” “I never studied this.” This is seeing so much logic that I can see numbers and time and space and age. And we got the perspective […]

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The Priority Shift

(Sociology and Psychology) Dreams. Baby Boomers are dream killers. And it left Gen X’s and Millennials at a significant handicap that we are still recovering from. It isn’t their fault… And it is. They just “followed the rules.” And that is the problem. Mindless Obedience. Because “the rules say so.” Baby Boomers never internalized the […]

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Once upon a time… How much I love those words. Story. Human Peoples love story most of all. We seek it. Hunt it. Tell it. Trade it. Need it. Want it. And if you don’t make it a happy ending, we will rage war. There is no dollar amount you can put on Story that […]

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The Freedom to Dream

I can’t do it anymore… I can’t talk in “Roman Reality” anymore. I have to speak in my reality now. It’s just a mindset war afterall… And mine is free. I have loved an Imp King for a thousand lifetimes. In every story, in every way, in every time, in every dimension. He and I […]

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