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PANDO : The Gateway to The Future
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PANDO located in Utah is the world’s largest organism that consists of 40,000 trees that all share the same root system. PANDO is believed to be over 80,000 years old.

PANDO is a beautiful representation of a Symbiotic Network, so deeply rooted in Connection that it is one. It’s Connectwork provides the immortality and strength and power that is the Archetype of Community, Network, and Interconnectedness.

May it forever be a reminder to all that We are One and All and Many.

In-Real-Time Training and Mentorship for Ethical Leadership

This is how we are different. Every single Network that is out there charges people or provides little training, direction, or guidance. If an individual walks into any other Network without the Networking Skill, they go no where fast. Our Success is dependent upon your Networking Skills.

It is our invested interested to ensure that you succeed and have the highest proficiency in Networking Skills. Fame, Fortune, Success, and Wealth are 100% dependent upon Networking Skills. And here, in The PANDO, we teach this for Free to all Members.

This is Ethical Leadership. We nurture from the Bottom, so that you can grow to the top.

Who We Are

The PANDO “Reform to Transform” is a group of Non-Linear Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Geniuses, Innovators, and Pioneers. We are an exclusive formally secret group of Neuroscientists, Philanthropists, Physicist , Psychologists, World Peace Ambassadors, and Philosophers who have banned together to resolve the Mental Health Crisis and we did.

Now we are in the process of pushing this plan forward.

What Is Our Purpose?

The PANDO has completed The Think Tank and “Brain Storming Stages” of a solution for The Mental Health Crisis. We have a plan. We have a Solution (backed by Logic, Math, and Physics), and we are moving forward.

We don’t talk. We do. And that’s the PANDO difference.

Anna Imagination (Founder of PANDO and The Healing Garden) has mastered the skills of Problem Solving, Mental Health Management, The Subconscious Mind Discipline, and Trauma Extraction, Healing, Recovery, Societal Integration, and Teaching. She applies these skills to Philanthropy, World Solutions for Mental Health, and Societal Change.

She is a an Ontological Physicist, a Philosopher Bard, and a Societal Solutionist, and a celebrity within her Network and is the leading Master on Mental Health and The Subconscious Mind. She is not a licensed Psychologist. She is Queen of the Darkness with Mastered Proficiency in Pythagorean Psychology.

She sees how the Subconscious Mind works like a Rubix Cube. And she has the Algorithm.

PANDO was invented to move the Radical Global Healing Plan forward, much like a Healing Engine that propels itself forward through Communities on Human-Powered Energy.

“I am John Galt, And I have the Motor. PANDO is that Motor.” – Anna Imagination

The Radical Global Healing Plan is going forward and is in motion.

This is the Outline, which provides a bases for what The Healing Reformation looks like. Join me in The Garden and learn more.

Why we created PANDO

To resolve the Mental Health Crisis.

When we graduate from Highschool, we have the option to join the “Done-For-You” Job Network of the 9-5 where the majority of businesses practice Unethical Business.

Many Entrepreneurs abandon the 9-5 and turn to Entrepreneurship to find a more Ethical Path and Freedom. It isn’t long before Entrepreneurs realize there is no “Done-For-You” Network, and every Entrepreneur has to build a Network from scratch, from the ground up, without a Formula.

It is Anna’s dream to build a “Done-For-You” Entrepreneur Network for Ethical Business Owners no matter the size.

Collaborate with The Healing Garden or any Business connected to PANDO, increase our value while we fuel your business and drive business to you. Instead of Networking from scratch, join our Done-For-You Network and we’ll provide a warm welcome in our Newsletter.

The Vision

A Network Societal System that exists like a freight carrier alongside other Network Societal Systems. Each Network provides Education, Mental and Medical Health, Resources, Power Economics, and Trade to its people to Nourish them and build them up.

An Individual can choose as many Network Societal Systems as they desire. There is (there should be) no cost to join. An individual can come and go as they please and be members to multiple Networks to open doors of Opportunity to people.

Anna envisions a Future where Network Societal Systems co-exist across the Globe. She has plans to host the first “Convention for Network Societal Systems” where Networks can co-mingle with other Networks. A Network will determine your Educational System, your Opportunities, and your Society. It will nurture your Mindset, your Ethics, and your Lifestyle.

And when you grow, you can shift and “upgrade” or change” your Network Societal System to include elements that align with you.

Learn more about The Network Societal System Vision within PANDO.

Join to Watch and Learn. Join to Support and Cheer. Join to Teach and Do.

The PANDO has a place for everyone who has the same Mission as us: To Take Strategic Deliberate Action to implement the Reform to Transform.

We don’t talk. We do. And we teach others how to put Ideas into Actions efficiently while we do it.

Here is our Training Video as a gift to you, so you can get a taste of the Ethical Leadership Training you will receive here.

The Future is abundant and brimming with promise

Free Membership. Free Community. Free Education and Classes for beginners to get the most out of your Networking experience. No “break out rooms.” No “pitching.” Only Authenticity, Humanity, and Genuine Conversation.

Social Anxiety? No problem! Anna is the Queen of conquering Social Anxiety, a former Shut-In of 20 years, Anna mastered the art and craft of Social Anxiety and has a Formula for that. Her Networking Classes for new Members helps you overcome these common obstacles to help you get further than just your foot in the door.

Live in New York City, our annual Connectwork Event where we all come together, meet, shake hands, hug and where Anna provides The Healing Garden Experience (It’s a thing) over 3 to 5 days and strengthen our connections, find more promising opportunities with Entrepreneurs who share the same Vision.

The monthly newsletter, welcoming new connections, inviting you to connect with them and collaborate, join our free catalogue providing your contact details to many more.

Free Networking Classes and resources the moment you walk in the door. We provide you with “The Welcome Wagon” where Anna meets with you via Zoom, connects you warmly with your people, and provides classes on “How to Successfully Network” and “Network Etiquette.”

The “Done-For-You” Network for Entrepreneurs where Anna has Reverse Engineered Networking. Anna’s Networking Model combines Physics, Power Economics, Logic, Ontology, and Human Circuitry with her own algorithm to ensure you get the most out of your Network.

The Radical Global Healing Plan and Operation : Heal The World is Anna Imagination’s 5 year plan to incorporate Healing Education throughout the world and PANDO is part of that plan. It begins with Ethical Business Practices.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It’s time we do something radically different.

Radical Collaboration is the key to the change we all seek. The Healing Garden Newsletter delivers news, ideas, upcoming events, and inspirations right to your inbox as we work toward that change.

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This is an Anna Imagination Dream

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