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Love is our Point of Origin. It has to be.

Not just any Love. True Love. Logic, Truth, Words. Love. Pure Love.

If this is not our Point of Origin, we are not okay. Not at all. We lose the Self. We spend our Life looking for Love so we can Ground ourselves in the Ground Zero, Center of Self so we can then Move Forward with Love.

A Character without this Point of Origin steeped in Love is not going to be okay.

Amnesia? Your Character will feel undefined and empty. Confused and lost.

Born in Love and had a village fire rip their life apart? Vengeance and cold, dead loathing for the world, or The Pilgrim’s Journey dedicated to serve others.

Born in Hate? Dedication to find Love. A belief that there can be something more. Moving through life hating everyone until someone moves them and shows them something different.

It asks the question, “What is Love? Real Love?”

I love love. I mean, I REALLY love Love. This is something I simply must dive into in our next lesson.

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