How To Be Kind : Recovering From Weaponized Humility

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About Course

Welcome to “Recovering From Weaponized Humility.”

This Course is for anyone who struggles being Kind, or who just wants to be a nicer person. At the core of being abused from the Advantage Point, is Weaponized Humility.


This is a pain and a Trauma that never gets talked about.

100% of all Abusers suffer from Weaponized Humility. Which is why they are so averse to it.

Forced Humility, Forced Submission, was their abuse. Their Trauma.


This Course walks you through the Understanding of Weaponized Humility.

“Making Peace” with your Pain.

Recovery from that Pain.

Restoring your Power.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to stop the Chain of Abuse From Advantage to Disadvantage

Course Content

Warming Up…
Learning is always pre-requisitional. There is an Order of Operations of Learning. If you do not follow the Order of Operations in the right Mathematical Sequence, you will not Learn, your Journey will end, and Mental Illness will begin.

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