Skill Nourishment (How To Develop Skills)

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About Course

Skill Discipline?

Skill Development?

No… Here we NOURISH our Skills, which changes how we Think and Feel about Skill Building.


“Skills are the Ability to do something well.” – The Dictionary

This is a Course that sits at the Heart of The Healing Garden. Here is the Outline of this Course

The Learning Environment

  • Equal Footing = Learning Platform
  • Power of Choice
  • 2nd Ethic, Vulnerability

How We Learn

According to the Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale and Plato, there are only four ways to Learn:

  • Simple Instructional Theory from a Master
  • Exploratory Dialogue – Between Student and Master and Self
  • Application Practice
  • Application Technique

The Stages of Learning

Integration of a skill into the Intuition vs. Memorization

The Toxic Mental Damage of Forced “Learning” through Memorization

  • Apprentice
  • Tradesmen
  • Master
  • Philosopher

“Instinct” vs. “Learned”

“Common Sense” is a Consequence of Logic + Problem Solving + Problem Solving

Natural Skills “In Your Life Stream” vs. Unnatural Skills “Outside Of Your Life Stream”

(A Brief Incomplete Outline)


  • The Learning Skill
  • Endurance Skill
  • Perseverance Skill
  • Scanning For Opportunities to Learn
  • Skill Selection “Which Skill To Learn”
  • Savoring
  • Courage
  • Indulging in Joy
  • 12 Ethics
  • Problem Solving
  • Logic
  • Communication
  • Receive
  • Transmit
  • Translate
  • Oral Skills
  • Courage
  • The 12 Ethics
  • Making Choices
  • Self-Preservation
  • Defense
  • Denying Access
  • Improvisation
  • Perspective

Academic Disciplines Taught at The Healing Garden

  • Pythagorean Psychology
  • Power Economics
  • Human Propagation
  • Storytelling vs. Oralstorian
  • The Bard Arts
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Build Skills
  • What Skills Do for you
  • What Skills are and are not
  • Why you need skills
  • How to identify new skills that come to you
  • The levels of skill mastery
  • How to assess your own progression through a Skill
  • How to choose the skills best suited to you
  • How skills increase the Value of You Asset (The Mind)
  • How to use RAS to find Opportunities in Practical Life to use your skills
  • Practical Application vs: Inconvenient Application and why this matters
  • Recognizing which Skill you are *actually* working on
  • Cherry Picking The Right Skills for Your Career and Life Journey and Goals

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