Skill Nourishment (How To Develop Skills)
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“The primary skill we were taught in Educational Systems was the Memorization Skills, which is why so many of us are repeating useless Information back at each other from the internet… and we weren’t even taught the skill to discern quality Information from Bad.

“Home school your children. They will learn so much more, they will keep their Imaginations, which they need for problem solving, and they won’t be abused or trained to conform to a bell every 45 minutes like Pavlov’s Dog (That’s why they use bells). School is actually Obedience School, which parents in older generations haven’t objected to because it’s easier to control them.” – Anna Imagination

In this section, we are covering:

  • How to Build Skills
  • What Skills Do for you
  • What Skills are and are not
  • Why you need skills
  • How skills increase the Value of You Asset (The Mind)
  • The Difference between “Useless” Skills” and “Applicable Skills”


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