The 7 Academic Disciplines

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Most people have no idea where Academic Disciplines come from. 

They are Reverse Engineered using The 12 Ethic’s Scientific Method. It is “Reading Mother Nature” in its truest, purist form. It is an Advanced Discipline that is learned from Mental Diversification, which is only obtained through Plato’s Curriculum: AKA… The 12 Ethics.

Philosophy was never meant to be “Studied.” It was supposed to be Experienced. Some notable Philosophy Experiences are the Islamic Golden Age in the 8th to 12th Centuries. That is how they Discovered our Arabic Numbers. Euclid found Geometry. Newton found Physics. DaVinci invented helicopters. Pythagoras found Philosophy, Mathematics, The 12 Ethics, and Music Theory. I found these 7 Academic Disciplines:

👉 Pythagorean Psychology : The User’s Manual For the Subconscious Mind and The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind
👉 Human Circuitry and Power Economics
👉 Storytelling “Sage” Teaching (The Bard Arts) Lost in the 17th Century
👉 Mother Nature’s Business Model (Business and Wealth. The Entire Formula from A to Z)
👉 The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self (Plato’s Curriculum)
👉 The 12 Ethics and The Point of Comprehension (Your Ethical IQ)
👉 Radical Disruption & Mental Diversification (Advanced and Unlocks “The God Code”)
This Discipline was Mastered and taught in The Ancient Greek Educational System, which is where I got my Education. I didn’t “study” Philosophy. I Experienced it with Plato’s Curriculum, and, at 15, my IQ was higher than Einstein’s. IQ is nurtured. It is not something you are born with. You can grow it. I know how to grow it.
In the 4th Century, Rome declared war on Education, and we lost the knowledge of Mental Diversification. My Mission is to revive it. 
100% of our Societal Problems are due to the Absence of these 7 Academic Disciplines.
A few things before we begin:
1 – Freud is shit. It will not work with this because it’s garbage and wrong. Throw it out.
2 – “Poor Man Economics” based on Scarcity Mindset is garbage. Throw it out.
3 – Ontology and Metaphysics is not understood until and unless you Experience Philosophy.
4 – The 12 Ethics are found in every World Religion, big and small… But they were abandoned and lost and grossly neglected. Confucius, Christ, Mohammed, The Buddha, all taught the 12 Ethics. And when you study the 12 Ethics, you’ll see it.
5 – The Hierarchy will come down. It compromises Authority. The ONLY place where we should be seeing “Authority” is in the Prisons where the 3rd Ethics require it for structure (for now). And even there, it requires a new approach, which we will see very soon.
6 – Law and Justice is misunderstood and invalid.
7 – Relationships are misunderstood and invalid.
8 – Parenting is misunderstood and invalid. Learning this, transfers “Parents” into Nurturers/Cultivators
9 – Teaching is misunderstood and invalid. Learning this, transfers “teachers” into Nurturers/Cultivators
10 – Mental Healers is misunderstood and invalid. Learning this, transfers “Psychologists” into Nurturers/Cultivators
As you go through this course you will learn that:
  • Gender Roles does not exist
  • Control does not exist
  • Fiction does not exist
  • Mental Illness does not exist
  • Authority does not exist (Only Self-Authority does)
  • Abuse is a Delusion that traps the Mind with Lies
  • Lie = Illogic
  • True = Logic

Society is 100% a Mindset. A Mindset can be Truth or a Lie.

If a Mindset is a Lie, it is a Delusion.

When a Mindset is False, it will break. Hence Societal Collapse.

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