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Smoothly Transition from being a Writer to a Writing Team Manager!?

But that means less time for Writing!! Okay. Here’s my advice. JUST WRITE… Sorry…

  1. Leave your Ego at the door.
  2. Have a Plan
  3. Make the Announcement
  4. Master Ethical Leadership Skills
  5. Trust Your People (Cardinal Value)
  6. Nourish and Elevate Them.
  7. Treat them as your Equal (6th Ethic)
  8. Nourish your own Open Mind to hear ALL ideas.
  9. Say YES to everything! And then encourage them to lead their own ideas to learn HOW to become an Ethical Leader themselves (which gives you more time to write!)

Truly. Don’t Manage. (Especially Writers… They are AUTHORS… Authority… It’s in the name) Empower and Nourish to Lead.

(‘Cuz Writer’s Write)

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