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Hello, my dear, Veteran. 

Your Abuse is very much known to me. 

Every man in my family has gone to war. Except my son because we did the math and we realized the amount of abuse that goes on inside. 

We are almost always abused by people we trust.

And you were abused by a Government who you trusted. 

It was as if they broke your mind to use you, lured you in with false promises, and then dumped you. 

And if you suffered rape regardless of gender, you were silenced and forced to turn a blind eye. 

100% of all women who go into the army are raped. 

50%+ of all men who go into the army are raped. 

The Government knows this. It’s one of their dirty little secrets. 

That’s not including what you saw, what you had to do, and what you can’t talk about. 

Or the disability, mental and physical you now shoulder. 

The addictions and suicide rates. 

You are on my list. I want you to know. You were not Forgotten. Not by me. We’re working on a course just for you. I am a Citizen. I give you my Voice because I know they are holding yours hostage. 

Warmth and Light to you. 

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