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This is absolutely one of my favorite dreams come true. 

It’s the Imagination Box. We unlock the Realm of Make-Believe and Practice Dream Play and we dig deep into whatever topics we may lead. 

“I will probably always have a Pirate Ship somewhere in my Future. Freedom + Mermaids + Ships + The Sea… How can I not love being a Pirate?” – Captain Princess (Anna Imagination) 

AHOY! We are setting sail soon! We are heading toward THE FUTURE… and we are going IN STYLE!

This is “fine dining” meets Piratey Theme with the highest of quality for the Elite and the Aspiring Elite!

We are “The Top” for the Cream and the Aspiring Cream.

We are currently looking for crew members and passengers. Come on board the HMS Slush Brain!

The ship leaves port soon (Mondays at 11:00 AM EST on Zoom) and we’ll be making our next stop in Tortuga if the seas and winds be fair to us.

On board, you will find the greatest of luxuries designed to prepare you for The Future.

Serious Action-Takers with a Desire to Have their Eyes Opened and their Minds FREED from Appropriation Only. We most prefer Neurodivergents and anyone with a case of stickittothemaneosis as we are… pirates.

The Future is no place for Line-Standers and Obedient Thinkers.
That’s why we’re pirates.

If you want to be a pirate, or if you are a pirate, then I invite you to join my crew…

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