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27 June 2024

Good evening!

I finally completed the last of my research, and I have final data in to update everyone on where everyone stands!

Current Status on the Radical Global Healing Plan:

Business Owners!!

These are our POWER PLAYERS!! Eager and ready to help and get on board. I am seeing the most passion and enthusiasm from them! 5th and 6th Ethical Perspectives

Rogue Parents!!

Eager and ready to help and get on board! They want a better future for their children! 5th Ethical Perspectives. (We now know to make a place in The Healing Garden to welcome them!)

Rogue Psychologists

Ready for change, but no solutions available. Middle of the road. They are mostly angry about the Problem, but taking little to no action for change. 4th Ethical Perspectives. We expect them to be in the 2nd Wave (The “Doubting Thomas” Wave)


Little to know interest in a solution. Little to no action taken. As if they are waiting for others to tell them what to do. 4th Ethical Perspectives


Aggressive, angry, defensive, not willing to even acknowledge or talk about the problem. Highly Defensive (as if they are around 10 year olds all day). They will be the last to lend assistance, if at all. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Ethical Perspectives

ONE teacher was willing to talk about it after 30 YEARS of my asking. ONE teacher. All others attacked and were abusive or blaming others. We expect them to be the last to show up.

The question is, with DIY Teaching and DIY Healing for Self-Empowerment and Nurturing of Self Authority, do we even need Psychologists and Teachers? What do you think? Comment below.


What this means

What this DOES means is that the Future is in the hands of The Business Owners, Leaders, and PARENTS!! We are Officially ON OUR OWN!! Everyone who has deemed themself “an Authority” isn’t interested in a solution or helping. 

Take this as an example of Truth. Really process what this means. You decide. 

As a result of this new information, 100% of our resources are going toward Business Owners and providing them with the Resources to nurture their Network, Mental Health, and GROW AND NOURISH your NETWORKS and Businesses!!

This really does a lot to sharpen our direction for the Future!

Let’s do this!!

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