Trauma Deconstruction With The 12 Ethics

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Triadic Healing Deconstruction is where the Reverse Engineering of Abuse begins.

The 12 Stage Process can prevent Trauma after Abuse and can also deconstruct old traumas into Comprehension for your Subconscious Mind to comprehend so that it can identify the Logic Gap and Catch-22 that is causing the PTSD.

100% of all Mental Illnesses are a result of poor quality or an absence of the Correct and Relevant Education. It is the Lack of Comprehension. It is the Inability to Articulate what you need to Understand. It is the Loss of your Logic. It is the Loss of The Truth, which results in The Loss of The Self.

Anna asked the Question, “What Education is required to prevent this from happening again?” and she found it. Now we are putting it to test here.


I walk through the Sludge and come to stand beside the girl. She is a fighter. She’s been fighting her whole life. She craves the Truth, but she’s covered in sewage and filth and slime from the Swamps. I used to live in the Swamps.

She’s been fighting me. Wanting Truth while arguing to keep her Delusions. She has no logic, no education, but she asks for Truth. I speak it and she recoils. She returns to the Swamp.

She reaches out.

I kneel down and sit in the mud beside her.

“That is your Perspective,” she says to me.

“No,” I said. “That is a lie told to you by Abusers. Truth is Truth. Logic Proves Truth. Abusers lied to you about what Truth is so they can abuse you. This is why you don’t know Truth. This is why you’re confused. This is why you don’t know how to get out of the Swamps.”

I can feel it. She wants to come out, but she does not know the way.

“This feels toxic to me,” she says.

“Pardon me,” I say. “But let me show you what I see. I see you sitting in a landfill. You’re soaked in Toxic Sludge and Filth. You are picking through Truth and Lie, Toxic sludge dripping onto each artifact you touch… I leave you and you call me back. You ask for my Truth. And then you recoil when I speak it.”

I lean closer.

“Your Perspective doesn’t belong to you. You are owned by your Abusers. And if you seek to heal, Self-Honesty is where this all begins. You need to know what it is you are really dealing with. The Delusion.”

I sit and wait.

I can leave her or take her. There are others to save. The call and the choice is hers, but if she seeks Truth and My World, she has to realize where she really is. She has to see The Delusion.

Truth is not an Opinion. It is Logical Purity. It is Love. It is Mother Nature. Not what she think it is, or what she pieced together in The Delusion.

We all are sitting on Pillars, looking out at The Point of Comprehension. But are Vision is distorted with Filters, much like Rorschach Prints. Each one altering how we Perceive The Truth, put there by our Abusers.

I remember when I first discovered my Rorschach Prints. How hard I had to fight to remove them and look around them. Religion is a Rorschach Print. Opinions are a Rorschach Print. Arrogance and Ego are a Rorschach Print. Abusers and Lies, Masks… all of these are Rorschach Prints.

But, if Lies are only Rorschach Prints, then what harm can come of Truth? Except to disable the Lies and disempower Abusers? Which makes Truth the Abuser’s True Enemy. So they use Masks and Magic and Sales talk to sever you from Truth.

And in truth, this Disorients you. You lose you. And your only savior? Why… Your Abuser of course. For without the Truth, how else will you find your way? You will become lost or you will cling to whatever ship sailing by that you can find.

How convenient that that ship is your Abuser who disabled your Orientation to Truth.

And thus The Delusion begins.

And thus your Enslavement, it starts.

Forever at the whim of your Abuser’s Delusion…

“But sure,” I say, standing from the Sludge. “You seem to have life figured out real good for yourself. So I’m sure you’ll continue on just fine.”

And I turn and walk away.

Truth begins with Empowerment. Nourishment. Freedom… But I’m not here to convince anyone. I have many others who know that what I say is Truth who don’t argue with me. I’m long since past the point of arguing.

Use Logic or go home.

And with that, I exit the Darkness once more. The Sludge I sat in, not even touching me. Sludge can’t stick to Truth.

The Unlearned Uneducated don’t stand a chance against Logic.

The proof is in the Happiness. The Proof is in the Peace.

Use that as your Metric.

For your Happiness, your Wealth, your Prosperity is very much in ratio to The Truth.

So, on a scale of 1 to 100, how happy, wealthy, and prosperous are you? For this is your Metric of Truth.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Mental Discipline : The First Steps required to Manage and Navigate the Subconscious Mind
  • Trauma Recovery Skills : The Ability to Reverse Engineer Trauma to break down the Trauma Process
  • Trauma Prevention : The Ability to Apply Reverse Engineering During and immediately after Abuse to prevent Trauma from occurring.
  • Confidence : Restored Power of Choice and Self-Authority that results in Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Life Stability : A Centered Defined Self, that empowers your Inner Strength to remain Formidable
  • Defined Sense of Self : A stronger sense of Knowing who you are as you use this skill to overcome obstacles in life

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