Trauma Deconstruction With The 12 Ethics
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The 11th Ethic. 

Logic. This is the only Truth. Logic is the Science of Truth. And your Abusers took Truth away from you… They did this by disabling your Logic.

The thing is, your Subconscious Mind is PURE Logic. It is nothing BUT Logic. And Logical Fallacy really fucks up Human People. 

You want to heal? Fix your Logic.

The 11th Ethic is your saving grace. 

But I am warning you… Once you feed Logic to your Subconscious Mind, it will CALCULATE. It will turn on and it will make all the Deductions that will unravel all the Bull Shit your Abusers fed you. 

Learning Logic makes you immune to abuse.

But Logic ends Confusion. And it will leave you with nothing, but Truth. Trust Logic. This is the only way. You fail at this… you will never come out of your Darkness. 

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