Trauma Deconstruction With The 12 Ethics
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The 9th Ethic. 

Now this is where your Trauma really sits. No Abuser receives Consent to Connect with their Abuser. They sit above you at the Advantage and they abuse Down, violating the Equal Footing. 

By default, this makes your Abuse a nonconsensual Connection of your Energy. 

Energy Rape.

That is your True Abuse.

Whether you like it or not, you are Connected to your Abuser without your Consent. End the Connection. 


By turning your Abuser into your Teacher, of course, which puts YOU in the Advantage above them and takes back your Power. Which means… YOU have to CHOOSE to LEARN from your Abuse.

Are you resisting Learning? 

Are you resisting The LESSON? 

That requires you give up your Ego and admit that YOU have something TO LEARN… And until you choose the Learning Student path, you will forever remain CONNECTED to your Abuser.  

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