Triadic Healing For Teachers

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Triadic Healing For Educators

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

This course is a Book that I am currently writing.

You can read this book here while I am writing it.

I will be posting Corresponding YouTube talks with the writing of this book for elaboration.

This book is for Teachers, Philosophers, Healers, Students, Parents, Lightworkers, Ethical Leaders, Economists, and Business Owners… all of whom are actually the same Academic Discipline “Human Propagation.” 

Projected Finish Time: 15 August 2024  




Plato’s Point. The Big Picture of Learning. 


Information can only ever be properly passed from Point A to Point B at “Plato’s Point.” The point where the Lesson can be explained so simply that the information is passed from Teacher to Student like a Seed passes from Fruit to Soil.


This is done for Efficiency in time, comprehension, and Energy Conservation. Partnered with the Order of Operations and the correct Mathematical Sequencing, Confusion in learning does not exist. 


In writing, Authors have a Rule. “You have one job. To write so smoothly and with such clarity that the Reader forgets there ever was an Author.”


This too very much applies to The Teacher. To pass the information on so smoothly, that the Students don’t even know you are part of their learning. 


When Plato’s Point is done properly, the Student can receive that seed and, much like Pandora’s Box filled with Treasure, can effortlessly unravel all the mysteries of the Universe on their own, from that single seed. 


This is Plato’s Point.


This Book/Course is written precisely with this Method, but also, it has been embedded with the Cure to Mental Illness so that, as you learn and read, your mind will also be cured. Passing this on to your Students also will heal and cure their mind. 


I wrote this course with full intent and hope that the Student, at age 12, will read this book also because ultimately, the Mind must Connect and Transfer Data with another Mind eventually. 

I call this The Emotional Transaction of Human Connection. That is, afterall, what Learning and Conversation, Business and Relationships are. 


Human Connection.



Real World Cultivators. That is what I am calling you. They are all the same thing and, bottom line, you need to know how the Subconscious Mind works so you know how to interact with one without harming it.

Real World Cultivators.

That is what I will be calling you going forward.

This has been a very difficult journey for me to get to, and I am greatly pleased to finally be in the Mental Place to welcome you in and share my work with you.

Going forward, the road I am on is for the Future.

I am not here to convince anyone of my Methods. You are here because you know the situation better than anyone and “Talking” about the problem is not good enough for you. It wasn’t good enough for me either. We are all here to do and to take immediate action.

To be blunt, Real World Cultivators, no matter what relation you have with your Patron, is the exact same job : We Nurture The Human Mind.

The thing is, The Human Mind is already equipped to do the job. We are born with everything we need.

What we are really up against is the Ego of the Human Race.

And I have no tolerance or patience for that. We are here to NOT SHAPE our Young Minds of the Future, but to preserve and Protect them from the Ego of Abusers.

  • In this course, we cover the Subconscious Mind.
  • How to Surrender the “Teaching” Mindset to adopt the “Nurture” Mindset.
  • How to provide Ethical Leadership in a Classroom of all ages without using Authority or Control or Abuse
  • How Your Accountability +> Equal Footing +> Giving Respect +> Receiving Respect
  • What the Subconscious Mind really needs to Flourish and Prosper
  • How to “Ignite” the Dormant Minds that seem too “numb” to receive instruction
  • Real World Cultivators are trained for the Future University and Franchise of The Healing Garden. It is a great way to experience The Healing Garden Franchise to see if it is something you wish to do.

You cannot be a Cultivator for others if you have not done the Self-Work on you. The best thing you can do for others is to address your problems for you.

In 2025, we are releasing The Healing Garden’s Franchise “Kindergarten Classrooms” for Adults across the United States. We provide you with everything you need here to get you prepared for that transition if you wish to participate in that opportunity.

Our Mission is to provide the Highest Quality of Relevant and Practical Prosperity-Focused Education to everyone of all ages everywhere around the Globe. Real World Cultivators are the ones who accelerate this mission within the upcoming University and/or the Franchise.

I will be blunt. The Healing Garden does supplant all other Educational Systems, however, this can be supplemented as well. How we do this is due to an unknown, and hidden Mental Feature buried deep inside the Subconscious Mind that only Philosophers in the Ancient Greek Educational System knew about.

When you learn a certain few subjects in the correct order, the sequence “unlocks” Higher Education and Learning in the Mind, and Knowledge becomes Common Sense due to Rapid Logical Deduction and the Firing of Synapses, resulting in all Knowledge (accept History… History is the only thing still needing to be taught… But that is what Story is for 😉 ), just being… Known through Logical Deduction.

This is how I came to have the equivalent of 9 Doctorate Degrees and discovered 7 New Academic Disciplines. But all “Learning” is unnecessary. Published Journals, Peer Review… all of it is irrelevant when everyone else can just… “See” it from Pure Common Sense. Which is why I didn’t bother with “Traditional Methods.” As soon as everyone starts doing this, you’ll see it. And then you will “just know” what I “just know” from basic common sense.

In fact, by the time my papers and research get around to approval in 2 to 4 years, much more than 25% of the population will “just know” what I know. So… Why bother with the peer reviews and journals, which do nothing really, but feed Egos. I’m not interested in that.

Our Mission is not to “teach you knowledge.” Real World Cultivators are more like Sages and Guidance Counselors equipped to nourish through guidance.

It is to teach you how to UNLOCK the Knowledge so you can just SEE the Academic Disciplines in plane sight… Just like Newton did, Copernicus, Aristotle, Euclid, Pythagoras, Christ… This is why I have no Authority or Peers. Because at this level, you either “see it” or… you don’t.

This is the Power of The Ancient Greek Educational System.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How The Subconscious Mind Learns and Processes Information.
  • How to Honor, Preserve, and Protect the Student's Mind while they are in your care.
  • How Information is Transferred naturally from Person A to Person B
  • How to Make Human Connection via Emotional Connection
  • How We Learn
  • How to integrate Natural Learning into your Classroom
  • How to end Obstructive Educational Practices that harm and damage the Subconscious Mind
  • How to Optimize your Role as an Ethical Leader

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