Triadic Healing Part #4 : Anna’s Philosophy
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Haha! I have decided that when people come to me and tell me, “Hey! Anna! Did you know!” … I am just going to say, “Ah! You found one of my Dots!” 

And then, I will add it here. 

7 June 2024 – Someone found my Dot! 

This is the First Dot! 


Pythagoras is the Inventor of The Circle of Fifths. I decided to dig into DaVinci in January (?) 2024, when I came to The Vetruvian Man, which led me to Vetruvius, which led me to Pythagoras. 

I learned that Pythagoras had started The Philosopher’s Compass, but he never finished it. He only had the first Triangle complete. This is why I named my Psychology Pythagorean Psychology. 

Because the work Pythagoras did in Philosophy and Music Theory, led to Plato’s work, which led to my work. To honor Pythagoras’ work in Music and Philosophy, I decided to name my Psychology Pythagorean Psychology.

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