Triadic Healing Part #4 : Anna’s Philosophy
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Upon my reading this, I could not leave it untouched. 

This articulates the thoughts I have had on our Era so many times. And to see it written here like this is, art.

It encompasses the Human Experience. But more that it freezes in time our Era. We live at the End of an Age, and at the Dawn of New that will be reveled and talked about for centuries to come. 

500 years from now, in schools, children will ponder, “What was it like? To see the Pre-Tech World become the Post Tech world?” 

I was born in 1980. But to see Mr. Shurr’s words here, depicting in eloquence and skilled craft precisely what it was like to see the passing of time in, what seems like moments… Bravo, Mr. Shurr. Well done. 

My daughter (16 years old) asked me the other day what it was like without technology. Already, the Age has Ended. Only a rare select handful of us know the Transition we witnessed. 

The best I can do is document this Transition and Preserve this Knowledge as I see it pass before me. Cherry picking the most precious of pieces to preserve them for Future Minds. 

Huh. And just like that. I am a Scribe. A Collector of Lost Knowledge. An Archeologist, dedicated to the accumulation and Preservation of our most treasured possession. Knowledge. 

Thank you, Mr. Shurr. For giving me this moment to realize my Truth.  

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