Triadic Healing Part #4 : Anna’s Philosophy
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You = To whom it may apply. You know who you are.

We have an ulterior motive behind The Healing Garden, which is in our Name.
I talk on Human Propagation. I use Physics, Math, Logic, Pythagorean Psychology to show you why Human Beings do what we do and are what we are.
I don’t teach you “tactics,” but the HEALTHY, REQUIRED way of doing things designed with full intent to Preserve Your Mental Health.
So when I’m talking on Business and Sales and Offers, and I’m coming up with new ideas that are WAY OUT THERE… it’s not just to improve your business… it does… but it is because I have an Ulterior Motive that is the True Mission behind my work.
If you notice, most of my posts go out to #MentalHealth. This is to teach people how to Abuse Proof You to protect and preserve the Subconscious Mind.
My “Unconventional Ways” are 100% Designed to be 100% COMPATIBLE with the Subconscious Mind so as to PROTECT AND PRESERVE IT. My work is not just Ethical, it is mandatory for a Subconscious Mind to function.
On occasion, I post this disclaimer with my work:
How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction
You think I’m “reinventing the Business wheel” for Ethics? Okay, yes. I have an Ethical Agenda. But that is not the real focus of my work. The majority of Business Practices cause SIGNIFICANT Psychological Damage to the People en masse.
No one educated you on Psychology. You don’t know what you are doing. Why do you think there is a Mental Health Crisis? Where do you think that is coming from?
Marketing + Dirty Sales (Narcissism) + Subliminal Messaging = Psychological Manipulation +> Mental Illness
“+>” = “leads to”
There is a price to pay for Psychological Manipulation.
And we’re all paying it now.
There is a severe Psychological consequence to how Businesses choose to do business. And when I did my Sociological Research on Societal Solutions, I looked at the Mental Health Crisis, which traced it all back to The Economy and Bad Business Practices.
“Bad” Business?
Try Psychologically Destructive Business Practices.
I traced that back to the US Government Educational System.
Which I traced back to the US Government.
And the Power-Profit Paradox that they have in operation.
Businesses pour BILLIONS into marketing and subliminal messaging and brainwashing and Pavlov’s Dogging and Classical Conditioning every year and I know the consequence and the Damage done to a Subconscious Mind over a period of about 60 years.
Before Television, it was Radio. Before Radio, it was Newspaper, before Newspaper it was Story.
We do so love our Stories. If I was a dirty Narcissist, that is exactly where I would hide a subliminal message. Inside the thing we humans love the most. Our Stories.
We can’t hear a soda can fizzle without craving a beverage laced with sugar toxin. we can’t see our Stories on TV without being interrupted for images that make us crave whatever the hell the Business Owners wants us to crave.
And too few Business Owners have studied Psychology to know what they are doing.
With Power comes Great Responsibility. And no one is being Responsible.
Most Business Owners don’t even care.
And now its your children and mine and ours who have Mental Illness.
We have no idea what Business is actually doing to people. What Poor Education has done to all of us.
I wrote this yesterday:
I break down the Psychology and the Logic of Sales and I provide a Healthy and Ethical Alternative…
And a Saleswoman, after hearing this, pitched to me, promoting sales and telling me “I couldn’t be successful without it” and that, “I just need to accept it as a part of business.”
She sells Sales to Businesses professionally.
She GASLIT me… just like a Narcissist, and she did it while making the same violations I explained in the video.
Was she Stupid? Or Malicious?
She just watched my video. She was Malicious. OR REALLY, REALLY STUPID.
Do you value the Psychological Health and Safety of another person more than your Profits?
This ultimately is the question.
Are you prioritizing the possession of resources at the expense of the Psychological Health and Safety of your Patrons?
The question has been asked. You cannot be Unconscious of it any more. You have to decide. What are your Ethics?
In Sociology and in Psychology we know that the Ethical IQ of Society is rising FAST. In 20 years, everyone will have the Science behind Unethical Practices and Narcissism and Sales. Because I’m teaching them.
And I am on the front lines of this fight teaching EVERYONE about this.
Integrity and Ethics are the New Power in town. Actually… they have always ever been the ONLY Power in town. Physics says so.
And if your business is not upgraded, in a few years, you will not find Patrons.
Adapt or drown.
The People have been abused to their Breaking Points.
Psychological Forecasting is a passion of mine. And a hobby. And I’m really good at it. In 1992, when I was 12 years old, I used Mathematical Trajection and Forecasting over 100 years of Educational Data to deduce that the US Government was making people more stupid.
I also did a 60-subject cat study on the effects trauma has on abuse over 5 generations.
So I supplemented my Education at age 12 with the Ancient Greek Educational System because the Government did not meet my standards.
And I was right. By 2024, the Average IQ has dropped from 120 to 100.
I predict that the average IQ will be down to 80 by 2044.
Because Educators are now too uneducated to know that they are too uneducated to know. Dunning-Kruger Effect. Do you want to see the Logical Proof of the Spiral decline that this leads to? When the Educators is too uneducated to know that they are too uneducated to know, game over.
Bad Teacher is an Oxymoron. The first moment anyone said “Bad Teacher” should have been a RED FLAG.
The Economy is collapsing. The Middle class is shrinking. Which is why people are “jumping ship.” We have been “fixing the economy” with the Recession! Inflation! Recession! Inflation! Recession! since 1929. Like a top spinning out of control…
Our Economists are too uneducated to even build us a stable Economy. Our Economists are too uneducated to know that “printing more money” does not fix an economy. It crashes it.
Because the educators are too uneducated to know that they are too uneducated to know.
Get rich or get poor. Those are our choices now.
But I also know that, at the 5th Ethical Perspective Stage of Growth, Human People MUST become an Entrepreneur. Ethically. We have too. Because at the 5th Stage of Human Growth, we all learn the same lesson: “I have to Self-Govern.”
Self-Government is always the lesson of the 4th Ethical Stage that inspires the 5th to “start a business.” Isn’t Science wonderful!?
And I know the Sociological Growth Pattern of Human People over the last 10,000 years.
I know we are, right now, passing into the Next Era. The Age of Authenticity is starting. And 100% of people at the 5th Ethical Stage go Entrepreneur.
So we are going to have two classes of people in 20 years:
Type #1
The Super wealthy and Ethically Intelligent with HIGH Ethical IQ’s who will not tolerate Narcissism or Unethical Business. Because at the 6th Ethical Stage, Human People Learn Equal Footing.
The days of Narcissism are numbered. The Hierarchy is ending.
Type #2
And the Modern Neanderthal who will have an average IQ of 80 and who will live in squalor.
This happened once before between the Neanderthal and the Homo Sapien Sapien.
Math doesn’t lie.
So all this “sales” bull shit will not work for much longer on the people who have the resources to pay you. But sure. “We need sales…” OR… we can be ETHICAL.
Evolve. Adapt. Or Drown.
And NIMH… They don’t care. They like things the way they are. They have a profitable arrangement with the US Government and Pharmaceutical Companies that gives them no incentive to change. See Mad In America and my “Change” Formula.
The “Change” Formula is:
[Suffering + Pain] + ROI > Risk + Work Required to Change = Incentive
(I love that you guys know ROI, and I don’t have to explain it to you… and if you don’t know what ROI is… Please see me.)
Work is Physics. 100% Pure and Simple. You have to know how Energy and Force move inside a Subconscious Mind in order to calculate accurate Incentive. And I do.
Physics + Pythagorean Psychology + Power Economics and Ethical Business = Anna Imagination
The world is changing. Fast. Abusers have abused the “Meek” one too many times. And my work, My Courses, and my mission is 100% designed to educate the Victims so they know what, Psychologically, is being done to them because Education +> Awareness +> Anger +> Change and… Love + Honest + Ethics + Logic +> Logical Comprehension +> Understanding +> Relief …
Oh, what is it that salesmen tells us about “using pain points to sell?”
The Healing Garden cures Cognitive Dissonance, the world’s largest Pain Source. No medication required. And I’m the only one with the cure. And I know how to sell… Ethically.
And I am a Master at Chain Reaction Science and Human Psychology and Business.
Power is interesting. It’s 100% Physics. And I know one Truth about Physics:
Power cannot be Taken.
Power cannot be Given.
It’s all a Delusion.
And the Emperor is Naked.
And the Delusion is Breaking.
And I’m the one with the Hammer.
Let’s just say… I was abused one too many times. And when I was told to “avenge me.” I thought, “No. I’m not going to go after the Abuser in a court of law… cuz… I know Sociology. The Abusers own the Courts. The laws were made by them, for them, to protect them…”
So… I’m going after the People, and I’m educating them on how Abusers think and move. And I’m 40 steps ahead. Because I know how abusers think and move. I know every move they make before they even realize that I know they are Magicians and Salesmen and Cowards. And I know every Magic Trick in their box of tricks.
My work goes out to two types of people:
Type #1
Ethical Business Owners who VALUE and CRAVE my mission. And who support me. And they take my work and Hook up their business to The Healing Garden, which adds Value to The Healing Garden’s Fleet (I have a Fleet), while The Healing Garden fuels your Business. Because… The Healing Garden is a Healing Engine infused with a Cure that acts like a Virus… and I know Physics. And I know the Subconscious Mind and I know Business. And I have A Radical Global Healing Plan underway.
I am John Galt and this is my Motor.
Type #2
The Victims. The Abused. The Voiceless… only… I am teaching them how to speak their truth and see past the Delusion. So while you are getting the “How to Business” side of my work, they are getting the “How Businesses are abusing you” side of my work.
And, if you’re Ethical, you have nothing to fear, now do you?
And my story just landed on the desk of Robert Whitaker this week. Head of Mad In America.
Abusers only work in “Human Appraisal of Power.”
My real Mastery is in Truth, Logic, Love, Knowledge, Ethics, Reality, and Power. I am immune to lies, masks, and delusion.
This is how an Activist and a Pacifist fight. With Education, Logic, Truth, and Love. Ghandi was my hero. Booker T. Washington was one of my Masters. This is The Healing Garden, and I have two people I talk to every day:
The Ethical Warriors who stand with me and my Mission.
And the Abusers who know I’m onto them.
The world is about to learn what Power REALLY is and how it really MOVES. Because Physics says so. And we are Physics. Unfortunately NIMH is too uneducated to know that they should have studied Physics and Philosophy instead of Freud.
Karma is a bitch. And she is my best friend.
If you want to learn more about The Healing Garden’s Healing Engine, The Radical Global Healing Plan, and The Healing Garden, If you are passionate and excited about the work I am doing, DM me on LinkedIn or Facebook, and we’ll talk about Collaborations, Sponsorships, Funding and how I can upgrade your Business to adjust to the Future.
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And if you like things the way they are, if this article made you angry, stay the fuck out of my way. I know too much Logic to not see your Lies. And I know that scares Narcissists most of all. Because your Delusions are all you have. The Delusions are breaking. Your days are numbered.
Humble Submission + Self-Honesty + The 12 Ethics + Akido Philosophy = Your Freedom
The Mission and Ethical Agenda behind The Healing Garden. I am huge on using a Business to promote and Ethical Agenda or “Purpose.”
This puts so much more Value, Love, Passion, and Worth into a Business. It stops being about Profits and Business, and turns it all into a Calling, A Mission, Philanthropy, and humanitarian.
It makes it all about Humanity instead of Not Humanity.
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How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction
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