#36 The Philosopher’s Fountain
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I turn to the cold, black chill in my mind. The corner of my Subconscious where the Consumption sits. 

“I know what you are,” I said. It moved and shifted. I felt the Cold, the Hate, the Fear. “I know your Name,” I said. “Why are you here?” I ask. 

“Because there is no Love,” it says. I stare loathing at it. 

“No. There would not be. Not for you. Not for those who assaulted me… who pursued me to posses me. Not ever for those who seek to enslave me…”

Comprehension came to me then and I understood.

“Pity,” I said, and the Consumption recoiled. “So this is why Christ turned to Pity.” 

At the word, Consumption shrieked and withdrew deeper as if it shrank under the word. 

“To hate you is to feed you. To Fear you is to feed you. To Loathe you is to feed you… But I cannot love you and accept you.”

Harry Potter… The Ministry of Magic.

“You‘re the one who is weak,” he said. “You will never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”

And thus, Voldemort recoiled. Voldemort was pure Consumption. The Disintegration of The Soul. Pity is the only weapon that can Love without Opening up to Receive. 

I have to pity them or the Lack of Love for them will consume me. 

The Shadow moved and the Shadow shifted. It growled and spat like a black slime and tar upon the floor. 

How do I open my heart to Pity for those who hurt me? 

“They hurt you because of the Consumption,” said Intuition. 

“I hate slavery so much. I hated wearing chains. So much. I hated not being Free,” I said. “And they would not hesitate to enslave me again… and they don’t know what they do.”

I stepped closer to the Fear. 

I paused, my mouth open, in stunned sudden realization. 

“I always stepped into the Fear,” I said. “Like a beacon of Pure Love, I always stepped right into the Fear, so that I would know it. I feel this weight inside of me.”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Being a slave again.”

“You know what you need,” The Universe said to me. 

“An If/Then Clause that will allow me to just… Put down my Shields and Open up,” I said. 

“Trust your Self to Discern and Self-Preserve.”

“I don’t trust myself to love the right people. I always love–“

“Watch your Spells,” The Universe said.

“How do I know when to love the right people?” I asked.

“You still don’t know why you love him.”

“I am terrified to love the wrong person again.”

“Courage,” the Universe said. “Pity for those who are so consumed by Fear and Consumption that they don’t know better because they don’t know Love.

“Fear is just Not Love. Fear is just… Fear of Love… When you’re afraid of the Cure.”

I paused, thinking of a very certain Imp King who is afraid of Love. How I too was afraid of Love. 

“Love Love,” I said. “It is the only way. You have to love Love. But you cannot fear Love. You cannot fear Fear. But fearing Fear is not as bad as fearing Love. And you must love Love. And you must Pity those who hurt you… You must feel sad for those who do not love Love or know Love… or else Fear will Consume you.” 


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