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I often wonder about posting things like this… And I never do so lightly. However, Education is the Invisible Catalyst to Awareness, which leads to Anger, which leads to Change when applied Strategically.

And silence preserves the problem. Always. Now that, I cannot do. I am a Societal Solutions. I have the plan already in place and moving forward to resolve this. This is what I call “Education to Awareness to Change” Stage.

Dunning-Kruger Effect

When an Educator is so uneducated that they don’t even know how uneducated they are…

Educators told us that “Self-Taught” is not a “credible” Education, yet:

More and more, people with degrees cannot get jobs

People who went to college report being “too qualified to get work” so they settle for the same job they tried to avoid by going to college

Self-Teaching keeps the Imagination alive to secure Quality in Education and Self-Standards while teaching Real-Life Skills like Problem Solving, which we need to Survive.

Educators have successfully dropped the Average IQ from 120 to 100

People like Psychologists depend on Educators to educate them, but the Education Psychologists receive have not “solved” the Mental Health problem in the last 60 years. It has increased it to the point of a Mental Health Crisis.

People like Economists depend on Educators to educate them, but the Education that Economists receive have not helped our Economy. It has, in fact shrunk the Middle Class who felt the solution to an unstable economy was to “print more money.”

50% of Psychologists abandon their own profession because it is too unethical for them to be a part of.

Mad In America, a Rogue Psychologists-led website, openly collects the substantial information that 100% supports the abomination of the Mental Health field.

Psychologists are 100% the Product of those Educators.

Economists are 100% the Product of those Educators.

I strongly question the “Expertise,” Quality, and “Authority” of Educators, Psychologists, and Economists.

These are “Titles” that imply they know what they are doing, when, clearly, they don’t. I call this False Advertising.

Our Society is overflowing with evidence at the incompetence of these Fake Professionals and False Authorities.

It is a known Psychological Fact that the only Authority is Self-Authority because all other “Authority” in a person’s life is assigned any and all Authority by The Self.

In fact, Psychologists, Educators, and Economists are glorified MESSENGERS with unearned Authority and Power, relaying bad information back to the people. Part of the Reform needs to be the forfeiting their “Professional” degrees and titles and lowering their position down to The People who they should be helping by elevating from underneath them like Mother Theresa did.

Mother Theresa did not have a “Degree” or a “Diploma.” She stood on Equal Footing to the People so they could reach her.

You want a Mental Health Model, use Mother Theresa’s Mental Health Model.

What Psychologists, Teachers, and Economists really have is a Power-Dynamic that deludes to their “Authority.” And the Psychologists should know better than anyone the impact a Hierarchical System has on the Subconscious Mind.

If they were real experts in Psychology, they would:

1 – Know the Psychological effects of a Hierarchy, which compromises the Equal Footing required for Consensual Connection.

2 – Admit that they know nothing about “Schizophrenia” and openly confess that they just spent $500 Million on research to try and figure it out, which all came back “inconclusive.”

3 – Know the Psychological Damage done to a Subconscious Mind when it is “Diagnosed” because of real medical conditions like Mass Hysteria and Placebo Effect

4 – Admit to the public that they know absolutely nothing about the Subconscious Mind, which they openly confess in private.

5 – Know that Psychology was actually invented by Pythagoras in the 4th Century BCE, making Pythagorean Psychology (a 2,000 year old Psychology)

6 – Know that Freud was not at all the “Father” of Psychology. Pythagoras was.

7 – Would have the skills to use Perspective Shifting and the Cognitive Core to identify their own Mental Disorders.

8 – Would know that “Claiming ignorance” is a confession of not being an Authority or an expert at all in a Profession they claim to be an Authority or Expert in.

9 – Know the Psychological trauma of even the word “Therapist” on Rape Survivors. THAT’S REAL GENIUS THERE! And NO ONE in the Psychology field thought to change this when it was pointed out to them.

And THEY are going to help US? Get your own shit together! lol…

Psychologists are Fools.

They are Frauds with Dunning-Kruger Effect showing early to late signs of Narcissism, and that is my official diagnoses on them. If they were real Experts in Psychology, then would they would know that.

Psychologists are very much the product of their education.

DIY Healing and DIY Teaching is the ONLY way to go.

It revives Self-Authority

It nurtures Confidence

It Empowers and restores the Power of Choice at the heart of the problem

It ends the corruption of Un-Equal Footing that Teachers and Therapists enforce

It teaches you Discernment and gives you the life Skills so you can see the Fools and Narcissists of the world like Educators and Psychologists on your own.

It teaches you Independence from Educators where you realize that, done right, we don’t even need them. They are just glorified baby sitters because Economists tanked our Economy so bad that both Mummy and daddy have to work.

It preserves the Learning Journey of Self Discovery that we are all naturally born with so that, through the Learning Journey, an Individual discovers who they are and finds their purpose.

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How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

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