#36 The Philosopher’s Fountain
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Here we dive deep into the two definitions of Dichotomy. 

Delusion Mindset Definition: “Two opposing Sides that are separated due to an intolerance of differences” AKA Prejudism and Segregation

It is the Projected “Fear of “Not A”” onto others 

“Fear of Not A”

Prejudism = caused by the projected Fear “The Fist Fear” 

The First Fear is Fear of Not A” = 

To not have “A”

Consequence of Lost Comprehension = > Instincts that can not be defined => 


The Irony = Develop Not A by

The fear of “not a” is “not A

CATCH-22 = Spirals into pure Consumption and Devouring … 

Ignorance +> A lack of Education of “Not A” => Fear of “Not A” Consumption = Disease “Delusion Mindset Disease” => Possession +>  Narcissism => 


Not Love = Fear = Not Love

Fear => Pure State of Nothing due to Consumption => The Black hole

The Black Hole => 

Back Hole => A Universe that became consumed by Not A and …

The Birth of a Universe is Love = > 


“Not Ethically Moving Forward” = Not “A” 


A = Force = “Ethically Moving Forward = > Growth => Nurturing => Love


Logical Nature Mindset Definition : 

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