Triadic Healing Story Boards
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I have been cranking out these Triadic Healing Story Boards for 2 days and I am loving them! 

This is only 1/3rd of your Training. Just taking in the Theory is just the “Why” you need to get you where you want to go.

It’s the… “Driver’s Manual.” For your Learning Journey. You still have to get IN the car, TURN the engine ON, and PRACTICE DRIVING.

Your Skills may be low, and that is okay. You may not have Strategically cherry picked the Right Skills to get you your Dreams until now. 

There is a “Secret” Skill for Skill Learning called “Skill Learning.”

You can laugh. It’s ridiculous, but it is true. 

There is Choosing Your Skills, which is a Skill. 

Practicing your Skills, which is a Skill. 

Assessing your Skills, which is a Skill… 


I call this “Skill Management,” which is the CORE PROVISION you need for Climbing Mount Everest. Let’s first, 

Introduce you to the Components, 

Organize the Components, 

Prioritize the Components, 

Put the in the Correct Order of Operations from Catalyst to Response. 

Let’s Build this Chain Reaction…


(PS… All of that is ALSO a Skill called “Integration Skill Discipline…” And you’ll need that one second).

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